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Thread: 3Gs says searching but no bars after ultrasnow

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    Default 3Gs says searching but no bars after ultrasnow
    Hello everyone,

    I have a 3gs running 4.3.3 and 6.15 ipad baseband.i installed ultrasnow 1.2.5 but it doesnt work. It keeps saying searching.. then no service. Im trying to find ultrasnow 1.2.3 but cant find it anywhere.So i dont know what to do.Pls help ?


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    I might ask such a question myself but possibly you could try installing APN settings for your carrier. You could go to Unlockit - APN Changer for your iPhone from your iPhone (using wifi) and see if your carrier is listed.

    Also check: when your phone says "Searching..." can you still move around the SpringBoard (slide it back and forth, open up apps)? I had my baseband corrupted when I restored to stock firmware 4.1 and after installing ultrasn0w 1.2.5 and putting my SIM in, the SpringBoard would freeze on my 3G. After I reflashed the baseband, the freezing went away.

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    I can still move around the just keeps saying searching and cant find it.I did this a lot of times. I dont know why it doesnt do it this time. I need to find ULtrasnow 1.2.3..I keep searching but cant find it. ?????????????????

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    You can also use our 'I want to jailbreak my...' section. It will tell you what basebands are unlockable. AT&T can also unlock it for you.

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    Because your springboard doesn't freeze it means that your baseband is fine. I didn't notice that you get "No Service" after a while. It turns out that so did I when I was on 4.1 with ultrasn0w 1.2.5. I was trying to (and still am trying to) get my Tracfone SIM card to work in my iphone and when I was first trying it, it would say "Searching..." for 30 seconds or so and then it would finally say "No Service". I tried installing the APN settings for Tracfone with no luck. However, Tracfone SIMs are supposedly much different from all other SIMs, so perhaps the APN settings will work for you.

    And, past versions of ultrasn0w shouldn't make a difference, and I know it's not an option on Cydia to install 1.2.3, but it could be there.

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