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Thread: Should I wait for unlock or sell iPhone 4?

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    Default Should I wait for unlock or sell iPhone 4?
    It's running OS 5.1, 4.12.01 baseband. Unfortunately the last guy who has it updated for some reason.

    I want to be able to use this phone in 1-2 months. I definitely want to get it working before iPhone 5 releases because it will just lose its value.

    So should I keep it and wait for an unlock or sell it?

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    what i would do is get talkatone running on it with a google voice number in the meantime and then see if an unlock comes out anytime soon...but the more you have it the mroe value it looses approaching the iphone 5 release

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    Well I am using an iphone 3g right now with my sim card. How long do you think the wait is? Seems like I go through this every time I get an iphone

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    Yah before you get a new one make sure it has not been updated, People do that sometimes and lock it up again. I can't really guess how long it'll take, It just depends. I reccomend you get a factory unlocked iPhone next time though.

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    Somebody gave me this phone for free. If I really did want this phone, I would probably get the factory unlocked. Im not looking for a phone really.

    The guy who gave it to me was going to sell it. Im going to tell him that if an unlock doesnt come out in a month, I'll give it back. I'd hate to see it depreciate before selling.

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    You can wait until the Gevey Sim unlock supports 5.1
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    It's gonna be longer than a month for an unlock for that. If ever. I'd say there is a 10% chance a gevey type solution comes out within 6 months. 1% chance a software unlock like ultrasnow. Those are just my guesses but I'd say they are pretty accurate. Give it back or sell it and buy an unlocked one.

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    I would sell it now while it's still worth something. I can pretty much guarantee you that nothing is in the works as far as an unlock goes for the i4 at that firmware version and baseband. Maybe the 4.11.08 unlock will come out soon (don't hold your breath) but seems everybody has shifted the unlocking processes to the 4S now. Sorry but get rid of it and try to make a lil cash for yourself. It was free so anything you make is gonna be 100% profit

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    What Network u on
    If your in the UK try these
    Orange - handset unlocking | help & support | Orange UK
    Vodafone - Vodafone UK - Help - Unlock Code Request Form
    O2 -
    Most networks unlock from free to 20
    Give it a try

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