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Thread: Alternative unlock for iPhone 3GS 5.16.05

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    Default Alternative unlock for iPhone 3GS 5.16.05?
    So I'm one of the unlucky souls who has an iPhone 3GS on iOS 5 and baseband 5.16.05. I understand that there is no unlock solution for baseband 5.16.05 and that I have to jailbreak and flash the iPad 6.15 baseband to it to unlock it, but I'm wondering if there are any other alternatives? Specifically, is there any legit software or hardware out there that I can buy to unlock this phone without having to flash the iPad baseband to it? For instance, I've heard of the Gevey sim card that seems to work for the newer phones.

    I'm assuming the answer to my question is no, because I would assume all software out there that asks for any kind of payment is a scam, but I've been out of the iPhone community for awhile so I'm not sure what has changed. I'm not asking about software like redsnow and ultrasnow, I know that software is free and I would have to use the iPad baseband to unlock it with those; I'm wondering if there is any other software out there that you can buy that would actually unlock the 5.16.05 baseband safely? As an example, I've seen a website called "best unlock iphone" and I'm wondering if it's legit? I don't want to link to it on the chance that it is a scam, but if you google the above with no spaces you'll find the website I'm referring to.

    Thanks guys, I appreciate any help.

    EDIT: And sorry to anyone who clicked this thread thinking it meant something else, I forgot to put a question mark in the thread title.

    EDIT #2: So with what little research I've done since I posted this I think I've determined that there isn't any legitimate software out there that you can buy that will do anything more than the free software we have out there. I'm also thinking the website I listed above is also some sort of scam, so if anyone knows for sure that it is and I need to remove the reference, just let me know.

    With that being said, assuming there is no alternative, how badly does the iPad baseband typically screw with the phone? My 3GS is an older one, it was produced back in 2009, so I know I could flash the iPad baseband on there if I wanted. But are there any other problems besides possibly losing GPS functionality?

    Thanks guys. And if there is any way a mod could change the thread title to add a question mark so it doesn't seem like I'm presenting the alternative myself, that would be helpful.
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    1) There is no other way of unlocking your iPhone, beside CutYourSIM's factory IMEI unlocks. Those are very pricey.

    2) The downsides to installing iPad Basebands are losing the GPS Function, then there is that you will lose your warrenty with Apple (which you probably don't have anymore) because they will know it's been jailbroken, then there have been reports of battery drainage.

    besides that, there isn't much, In my opinion, the pros outweight the cons. It's as if you have a permanently unlocked iPhone, because it cannot be downgraded or removed.

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    Thanks for the reply! I really appreciate it. It's looking like I'm just going to have to flash the iPad baseband to it and accept the downsides.

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