Hi All,

As the title suggests I need to know if anyone out there knows a method of discovering the oringal carrier information for an Iphone.

Problem is, locked on baseband 4.11.08 and just as stuck as many others are. The only hope is getting a carrier unlock from the original network (or Gevey soon we hope) however i do not know who the original carrier is.

The phone is new, unused but still carrier locked. Jailbroken so I could activate with itunes.

Firmware: 5.0.1
Baseband: 4.11.08
Model: MC603FB/A
Carrier Lab 11.0

I know it is either from France or Luxembourg

Does anyone know of a trustworthy IMEI unlocking service? I realise that i may still require the oringal customer information to activate directly with the network.

Thanks in advance