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Thread: Is it legal to flash a Verizon iPhone 4 (bad esn) to use on Metro PCS?

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    Default Is it legal to flash a Verizon iPhone 4 (bad esn) to use on Metro PCS?
    Hi guys. new to the forums,

    I found a guy on craigslist selling his iPhone 4 (verizon), and says that its got a bad esn because he failed to pay the bills. I really want to take the phone from him and flash it to metropcs, but is it legal to do in this case (bad esm)?

    I know this sounds pretty sketchy but I'd like to just replace my touch and classic with an iphone. Tired of bringing a touch and cellphone both around with me. I don't do anything illegal [I pay for my itouch apps, songs on itunes, and am decently loyal to the apple name (macbook and idevices for years)]. It's just I simply can't bring myself to pay for the data plan when I know I don't need that side to the phone.

    Thanks for input!

    P.S. I can honestly say that I would get an unlocked iphone 4 straight from the apple store, but they're not CDMA. Metro is :/ and I want to stay with them.

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    You'll be better off on an AT&T MVNO.

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    ufortunately, I cant simply do that. I like metro enough to stay with them, esp since I have a good deal going on : (

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    I don't see why not, jailbreak is legal. And flash code not from apple copyright is jailbreak.

    The important question is will metro activate iPhone on their network?
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    It's perfectly legal.

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    Ok cool. Unfortunately, I didn't get the phone, but that will allow me to at least look for one that has a clean esn.

    I talked to a phone store in the DFW area, and they told me that it is absolutely possible to flash an iPhone 4 and use it with metro, esp since they specialize in the flashing service and have done iphone 4s (plural) before.

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    You don't need a clean ESN if you're going to use it for Metro.

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