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Thread: Software Unlocked iphone 4 on bb03.10.01

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    Default Software Unlocked iphone 4 on bb03.10.01

    I just bought an iphone 4 on Craigslist and it is software unlocked on bb 03.10.01! According to everything I find on Google, this shouldn't be possible!

    I've put my t-mobile sim card in and it recognizes the network and can make phone calls. No gevey.

    Does anyone know how this could be possible? Also, does anyone know what steps I can take to reproduce this unlock since i want to clear the phone and upgrade the os.

    fw 4.2.1
    bb 03.10.01
    jb with ultrasn0w 1.2.5 installed.


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    it may be factory unlocked...
    Or check what all packages installed on the phone

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    is there some way i can verify if it is factory unlocked?

    as far as packages go, what should i be looking for?


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    if your model belongs to one of these then it is factory unlocked
    MC603X/A - 16GB Black
    MC605X/A - 32GB Black

    MC603C/A - 16GB Black
    MC605C/A - 32GB Black

    MC603FB/A - 16GB Black
    MC605FB/A - 32GB Black

    Hong Kong
    MC605ZP/A - 32GB Black
    MC603ZP/A - 16GB Black

    MC603IP/A - 16GB Black
    MC605IP/A - 32GB Black

    New Zealand
    MC603X/A - 16GB Black
    MC605X/A - 32GB Black

    MC603ZA/A - 16GB Black
    MC605ZA/A - 32GB Black

    MC603KS/A – 16GB Black
    MC605KS/A – 32GB Black

    United Kingdom
    MC603B/A - 16GB Black
    MC605B/A - 32GB Black

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    i believe you have a factory unlock, perhaps upgrade to ios 5.0.1 with bb 4.11.01. if you can still make calls, it will prove that your factory unlocked or at least IMEI unlocked

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    Possibly. The model number is MC603B ( without the /A ). Wonder if that makes a difference.

    Anyways, i've contemplated upgrading the OS but think thats quite a big risk without knowing for sure why i'm unlocked and how i can stay that way after a restore =)

    ultrasn0w is installed right now. thinking maybe a less risky test is to simply uninstall it and see what happens. at this point though, i'm pretty sure ultrasn0w is not whats unlocking the phone since its definitely not supposed to work on this baseband.

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    Its confirmed. First i uninstalled ultrasn0w. Still got a signal from t-mobile.

    Then I took it to the Apple store and talked to someone there. They checked their system and indeed this phone is factory unlocked!

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    How much did you pay to get this?

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