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Thread: Trying to re-unlock my 3GS

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    Default Trying to re-unlock my 3GS
    I had an iPhone 3GS and was running some version of iOS 4, with a baseband that could be unlocked. I am locked to ATT (USA), but now live half the time abroad and wanted to unlock my iPhone for use with a local carrier there. A year or so ago I used "" successfully and Ultrasn0w to unlock. All was good............I kept getting messages from iTunes that there was new software available, but I kept declining since I knew there was no untethered-jailbreak/unlock and I'd lose my unlock. I am so uneducated in this stuff - which is why I waited for the simple "" to come out, so that even [a techno-fool like] me could do it in a failsafe manner.

    Then, a few days ago, I saw that there was an untethered jailbreak now available for iOS 5 - without considering that there was no unlock yet for the latest baseband that it came with - 5.16.05. I upgraded, jailbroke...and now cannot unlock, since Ultrasn0w does not unlock that baseband (yet?). I have desperately been trying to unlock again. Thankfully, my iPhone is not "bricked" (is that the term - meaning unusable like a brick?) - I'm just stuck only able to use my ATT SIM card, which does not help me here abroad...


    Now, as I learned from the SHSH FAQ in the iPad forum, thanks to Cydia brilliantly automatically storing SHSH blobs (SHSH blobs? I never knew they existed, much less cared! Sounds like something from a 1950's horror movie), I have some "blobs" saved from earlier firmwares (e.g. 4.3). I also learned from the SHSH FAQ that TinyUmbrella retrieves them - which I have done (I've been reading a lot...).

    My question is: Can I "go back in time" to my earlier firmware version (4.3) and, will it come with a baseband that I can unlock? What are the risks? How do I do it? I read somewhere that I could unlock in 5.0.1 if I go to baseband 6.15 (the iPad's baseband), but I do not want to destroy my GPS. What about using iFaith (also mentioned in that SHSH FAQ)?

    Could you provide step-by-step instructions if it is possible to go back to my earlier baseband? I don't care about iOS 5. If I need to go back to iOS 4 and stay there, I'm perfectly happy with it, as long as I can unlock again.

    If I can't go back to an "unlock-able" baseband (sigh), is there an unlock on the near horizon for my current baseband 5.16.05?

    Help me please!!!!! Desperate!!!

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    Because of the way the baseband chip works on a 3GS, it's only possible to upgrade the baseband, not downgrade it. So unless you go to the iPad baseband (which you know kills gps) the only otherway is to call your cell provider & pay to do it that way. There was talk on baseband downgrades (actually wiping the baseband to install an older one) about a year ago, but nothing ever came of that.

    The shsh are only useful for downgrading to a previous iOS that's not being signed anymore, it would still leave your baseband (Modem version) at the one your currently on.
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