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Thread: New iPhone 3GS not unlockable?!

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    Default New iPhone 3GS not unlockable?!

    I was working on my brother's 3GS last night and the imei, Bluetooth, and wifi dissappered or disabled. The phone would restart every few minutes

    The iPhone was on 5.0 when I opened the box and got it out. I downgraded to 4.1 with ireb and a custom 4.1 firmware. Then I went to redsn0w to upgrade to iPad baseband. Once that was done, that's when everything went wrong. Anyone have this happen? Never had his problem before. Any help or comments are welcomed.

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    Sorry it is happen to you.
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    The phone is probably just a paper weight now. You have corrupted the baseband that's why imei,bt, and wifi are greyed out. If it'll boot apple won't replace it because of the baseband mismatch. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the phone is ******. There's no going back and fixing it now.

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    brick it an replace it, that should work... right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stefan.buddle View Post
    brick it an replace it, that should work... right?
    yes, if you can brick it legitly. What I mean by it is without a sign of tampering with, that's not easy to do.

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    I just sold one in the exact same state on eBay for 175$ so your not completely out if luck.

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    Yeah I just wish I knew about this before. Unlocking is getting trickier.

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    Yes it is. But in the future you can download Tiny umbrella and save your SHSH blobs on it for your phone and at any point you can revert to the saved firmware/baseband of the blobs you have saved. It's very handy in case something happened to your phone.

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