I learned a long time ago that you should fully understand what you are doing BEFORE you attempt to jailbreak and unlock an iphone . . . I used to be up-to-date, but haven't kept up with technologies since ios 3.1.3 or so. Thus, I am seeking help on this forum as it is the most valuable resource for such info I know of.

I have been given an iphone4. It is password locked, and must be restored before it can be used. I am hoping to restore it, jailbreak it, and unlock it. Please provide info and/or links to help me with this as I do not know where else to turn to restore the iphone4 without accidentally updating the baseband and firmware to non-unlockable and jailbreakable versions.

Thanks in advance to the person(s) who reply and save me hours upon hours of scouring the web the last time I went through this