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Thread: activate iphone 3gs ios 5

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    Default activate iphone 3gs ios 5
    Hey guys,

    The antenna on my iPhone 3Gs broke, so I get the "No Service" message, which I took in to get fixed, and it cost more than it wast worth. So I continued to just use it as an ipod and bought an android.

    Then when iOS 5 came I decided I wanted to update, So I did that, but I did not think I would need to reactivate my phone. Anyways so now I have a freshly updated iphone that I cant activate to use, I am assuming its because my antenna is broken, because I cant seem to activate it.

    Anyway around this?

    NOTE: I have tmobile, I had it unlocked, but I did try using my friends ATT sim and didnt work
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    edited to make more clear

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    Jailbreak with redsnow will activate it

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    I have a 3gs 05.13.04
    I loaded a custom firmware 5.0, old bootrom via snowbreeze 2.8b11 everything worked well, boots up fine untethered.
    Is there a way to hacktivate it?
    I get the error on the phone and in itunes to insert original carrier sim.


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    Is it true that redsnow will activate it? One of the warnings at the top of the redsnow iOS5 beta blog page was that is didn't hactivate... but I haven't been able to get a confirmation that it now works since iOS5 is out.


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    I am not sure I am doing some reading now to try and figure it out.
    Will post if I get it resolved.
    I figured out my issue. I am on 05.14.02 baseband so no unlock for this.
    Only option I believe is going to the ipad 06.15.00 BB
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    How do you know for sure that the antenna is broken?

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