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Thread: Considering switching to an iPhone 4

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    Just don't click "Restore" or "update". That will update to the latest iOS and Baseband which is not unlockable

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    Can't I factory restore my phone just to have it in original condition ( no jail break etc) and then upgrade the iOS and preserve the baseband?

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    I just got my iPhone 4 used!

    The condition of it is about a 8/10.....slight dirt buildup on the speakers....and brown crusty stuff on the sides...
    No scratches on the front/back , some scratches seen on the home button

    Anyways, I have a couple of a questions...

    Currently the phone is jailbroken atm and without a sim card, and I purchased a Gevey ultra for 29 bucks just now...
    Under Version it says 4.1 and Modem firmware is 02.10.04 I assume its Gevey compatible.


    1. Under Settings/ About Phone, on the very top it says "John Doe's iPhone". How do I edit it where it says my name?
    2. As my phone is currently unlock, is there anyway I can restore this phone to manufacture settings (thus removing the jailbreak) without ruining my baseband and iOS?
    3. Can I use iOS5 if I preserved my baseband while using gevey sim to keep the phone unlocked?
    4. Where can I get a good screen protector / case for this iPhone 4
    5. Is there any special way to sync my music without ruining the baseband?
    6. I currently have a Tmobile sim card, is there any recommendations on how to cut it to a microSIM without ruining it.


    *note I'm new to the iPhone and have no idea how to jailbreak or do anything with it. Hell I might even have issues using the Gevey sim

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    Can someone please help me? Thanks!!!.

    Also, how do I upgrade my iphone's iOS to 4.3.3 or w/e it is without upgrading to iOS5 or baseband. The phone is currently in iOS4.1

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