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Thread: Isnt there a way that old iphone 4 can make their iphone unlocked factory

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    Default Isnt there a way that old iphone 4 can make their iphone unlocked factory
    Istnh there a way for people already having iphone 4 before they began selling unlicked to unlock their iphone?? Its not fair that we old iphone4 users to stay in a locked way... How can we be factory unlocked?? Why can Jobs just put a string in a firmware and let all old iphone 4 be unlocked. Not fairr

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    We hear ya eyepoper.
    Apple can do it. AT&T can also request Apple do it. It can done easily.
    Let the 'big' cheezes' know you want/demand it.
    The squeeky wheel gets the greese .

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    The way they were getting into the server was secured
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    that was officially the scariest thing you have ever said str4y.
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    Dude T.M.I

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    So what can we all do to get it done? make a website and let everyone post they want it or post their IMEI or whatever thing ?...

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    There are no longer people/companies doing the IMEI unlocks as Str4y said. Only official carriers can do it, and usually the UK carriers do it for their customers. In the US it isn't so easy. AT&T and Apple likely will not unlock a previously purchase iPhone 4 and will only be unlocking newly bought devices upon checkout.

    But like Mes said, try and be persistent. It's unlikely it will work but it isn't entirely impossible.

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