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Thread: I want to purchase an iPhone...

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    Default I want to purchase an iPhone...
    So, I was thinking about purchasing an iPhone, but there are a few things I would like to ask the community about it and which would be the best choice for me.

    I'm interested in the iPhone 4 mainly because of its specs, but the 3GS seems to have the advantages when it comes to the modding community.

    My interest lies in a 16GB iPhone (8gb is way too little for me). Also, I *am* getting the iPhone mostly for calling and texting away from the house. In fact, the iPhone will be my main means of communication. I wouldn't mind having internet access with it as well.

    I also can't decide whether or not I should get an iPhone with the annoying ridiculous "pay a fortune" plans, or buy an iPhone for a little more to save money in the end.

    Here are the questions:

    Should I get a 3GS or 4?
    If I mod my iPhone, will I still have access with the satellite to call friends and text them from anywhere?
    I have a program called "TextNow" on my iTouch (which can't call but can text at least), so if I were to go with a "contract-free" iPhone, and pay $30 for a years worth of phone access with TextNow -- would everything work just like a phone? Or is there a way to mod the iPhone for "free" internet/calling access?

    As you can see, I'm limiting myself on a budget, but at the same time trying to find the best solution for my needs. Hopefully this post has enough details for everyone to help me out...If there are more questions, I'll answer them as I can. Thanks

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    I haven't heard a way to mod an iPhone to enable such a thing as free calling or txting. But yes an iPhone 3GS has more jailbreaking/unlocking options than the iPhone 4. If you do purchase a iPhone 3GS you can use the money you saved for communication services .

    There are apps that allow free txting/calling, the only downsides are the person receiving the txt/calls must also have the app too and there are internet expenses like using 3G. But if your using Wi-Fi i believe it's free. I communicate with my brother who is overseas by using a app called WhatsApp that allows free txting. If he still had a iPhone he could of downloaded a app called Viber that allows free txting and calling.

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    If you absolutely must have an iPhone now, I would go with the iPhone 4. I don't own one myself (I'm waiting for the iPhone 5 to drop), but it's all about the Retina Display. It has 4x as many pixels, which means everything looks way more crisp and clear, which is essential because the iPhone screen is so small. Not only that, but the absolute BEST themes are made for the Retina Display - the added pixels allow artists to stuff in way more detail to each icon/ menu/ etc.

    If you can at all wait, the next iPhone should be coming out within the next 3 months sometime. It will have a dual-core processor in it which will make everything run faster (in some cases 10x as fast). And if you don't want it, at least the price of the iPhone 4 will drop somewhat at that point, as more and more people will want to sell it to get the new one.

    As for making calls/ texting - you can always get a program like AIM or Whatsapp, or Skype, and make calls/ text via Wi-Fi. All iPhones have the same programs.

    Yes, if you jailbreak everything will still work as normal, only you'll have options to install programs that allow you to tether for free, and enhanced texting programs like BiteSMS on Cydia. Plus awesome themes! Jailbreaking is a MUST.

    Maybe others are more enlightened than me when it comes to the best plan.

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    The program TextNow assigns me a phone number, and doesn't require the other person (who I'm texting) to have the program. I assumed that calling with it worked the same way - but am not sure yet.

    I do not need an iPhone until mid July...But I have to make sure I have it by mid-July and ready to go with calling/texting and all that good stuff. So I still have plenty of time and don't need it right *now*. That's why I'm just looking around and figuring out a plan that would work out best and cheapest for me.

    Knowing that everything should work perfectly fine with it being modded is great. I would hate to buy one, mostly using it for a phone, and find that I can't call or text with it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by K73SK View Post
    Should I get a 3GS or 4?
    whatever you can afford. I say get the iphone4 or wait for the next but in the end it comes down to how much you are willing to spend. I had a 3GS for a year and love it. Got an iphone4 to fix and keep (some what and it's 1) Faster 2) Better screen. besides those two item its' the same dang thing. it makes a call when it.

    Quote Originally Posted by K73SK View Post
    If I mod my iPhone, will I still have access with the satellite to call friends and text them from anywhere?
    Satellite? if you mean cell phone tower then yes.
    I have a program called "TextNow" on my iTouch (which can't call but can text at least), so if I were to go with a "contract-free" iPhone, and pay $30 for a years worth of phone access with TextNow -- would everything work just like a phone?
    Sounds like a Yes to me. I guess the phone will work as a phone and the app for texting will work to. can't see why they mix up.

    Or is there a way to mod the iPhone for "free" internet/calling access?
    some what but it's like 50 steps and setting up some wacky apps. etc.... better to just have the real Cell Phone service then trying to save a few bucks.

    Any who good luck on the purchase.
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    I have to agree. In the end it all comes down to how much you're willing to pay. If you have the money, why not get the latest and greatest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahooba View Post
    I have to agree.
    thanks and i agree to! i loved my 3gs but it was getting slow and i wanted something new. in the end i only used cyida to unlock the phone for t-moblie and all my texting and calling were fine with t-mobile. I tired some free apps and setting etc..... but i was getting my friends confused on where they can call me on this NUMBER or TEXT me at this other number. ETC.... not worth it. got a small text plan with my voice and called it done.

    So having the iphone 4 speeds up the phone and not any services with T-mobile.
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    I would get the iPhone 4. I love the iPhone 4! The Retina Display is gorgeous. I can't use a case with it, because it feels so good in the hand and looks great too. It feels solid. Set it on a table and it looks so flat and thin. The hardware is truly a work of art. The last iPhone I liked this much, was the original metal iPhone which also felt like a quality device.

    I've had an iPhone 3GS (2, actually, and currently selling one) for about 6-months and really was not impressed. The low-res screen looks really dated in comparison to pretty much any recent phone. The plastic body looks and feels cheap to me. It is much noticeably wider, and is slightly bigger in every dimension. If it were not for iOS 4 and speed improvements, I honestly would have preferred the original iPhone over my 3GS. I almost completely dumped iOS and switched to Android when I got a Google Nexus One to play with and it felt like a much nicer device than the 3GS with a much nicer screen. Then I got the iPhone 4, and decided, nah, this device is nicer than the Nexus One!

    I don't know what modding you can do on a 3GS that you can't do on a 4. They both have non-unlockable basebands right now, so the only thing a 3GS has over a 4 is it can use the iPad baseband for unlocking - not that it's even a very good solution as it's irreversible and has caused some people a lot of problems. 3GS vs 4, they both use the same jailbreak and all the same Cydia apps work on both.

    It looks like your questions have all been answered, but I would add that Google Voice lets you send and receive text for free over Wifi (or mobile data). I don't know if TextNow offers any benefits over GV, but I've been a very satisfied GV user for some time now. I also have an Obihai Obi100 VOIP device which lets me make outgoing calls using it as a gateway over Wifi using Google Chat for free (it should work with Mobile Data as well). The Obi iPhone app lacks refinement, but it does the job. With GV, you can also give out that number, and set it to forward calls to your mobile number so you don't have all that number shuffling. I have my GV set to ring both my iPhone on T-Mobile, Droid Incredible on Verizon Prepaid, work phone, and landline phone plugged into my Obi100 (at home).

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    Thanks everyone for the help. I think what I'll do is get the iPhone 4 closer to the "deadline" for when I need it. It'll probably be cheaper, too, considering the new one is expected to come out soon according to some of you . I appreciate all the help!

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    Get the 4 if you're looking towards the future, and the 3GS if you're only interested in an iPhone and like the nice price but dont care about too many updates after iOS 5

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