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Thread: I hate to be THAT guy but...

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    Default I hate to be THAT guy but...
    How come we haven't heard any updates regarding an unlock for the 4? At first I scoffed at the people saying that the dev team was stumped and wouldn't release an unlock, but it's looking more and more like that everyday (especially since we haven't heard anything in a while).

    Anyone care to shed some light on the situation?

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    They haven't said anything because there's nothing to say at the moment. Remember everyone said the downgrade would never happen and then sherif_hashim made progress and tweeted it. My point is, aside from wait, we can't really speculate.

    As musclenerd said short of the NCK BF a tradition unlock using an AT command isn't likely as most holes there have already been used and patched. As a result any exploit will be different from before and consequently large, previously unknown areas of the baseband have to be reversed.

    If you need an unlock badly use a gevey or something while you wait. Or if you're like me, sell the phone on ebay and buy factory unlock

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    I doubt there will be another software unlock unless planetbeing or geohot step back into the scene. Or someone else with similar abilities.

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    The way things have been happening it's crippling. I'd like to believe they're trying to find something more permanent or harder to patch, but that's my hopes talking. Although this is bad for unlockers, I'm sure the devs are working hard as well. Good luck to the devs and as for unlockers, hang tight or try some of the alternative solutions.

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    Great advice Annie.

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