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Thread: i4 Few Ques(better be safe than sorry)

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    Default i4 Few Ques(better be safe than sorry)
    So I have iPhone 4, and few questions bugs be and that I couldnt find an answer.

    1. Since my iPhone is asking me to insert valid sim and to connect it to iTunes to activate it, would i be able to use gevey sim with my sim card even though its asking me for activation? Would I just insert Gevey Sim and proceed to iOS?

    2. If I would need to activate it first, could I just use redsn0w rc one and JB, and that would activate and jailbrake my phone?

    3. Would gevey sim work with JB i4? I read that Gevey Sim need official iOS and not any kind of custom one.

    Oh, and I forgot most inmportant thing. iPhone is on 4.2.1 with 3.10.01.
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    gevey will not activiate i dont think but yes you could use any of the 3 tools availible to bypass the activaition screen with a jb and use the gevey sim

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    K. thanks cowboy. Any particular tut using redsn0w or just follow usual direction?

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    Usually directions

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