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Thread: Gevey SIM dominated my battery

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    Default Gevey SIM dominated my battery
    Any suggestions? I bought a legit one off the site, it works properly and is in English and everything. Except my battery has been decimated.

    I was watching some TV and ended up falling asleep for like 2 hours. When I fell asleep, my 3GS was at 54% battery; my iPhone 4 was at 30% battery or so. I woke up and my 3GS was at 53% battery and my 4 was at 13%! I got a few calls (friends were trying to reach me) and it ended up dropping down to 12% after that call.

    I'm pretty sure this is a legit one, I ordered it off and everything. Any suggestions? The battery life halved as I was just sleeping; it wasn't really doing much at all. Anything I can do? (aside from the usual "turn down your brightness", "turn off blah blah" ..)
    Both my 3GS and 4 are about the same age, about 1 yr. Except I left this 4 lying around for a few days without using it/touching it when it had no SIM at all, so I know it's not battery. t___t

    Update: Well I have no idea wtf I did, but it's been a bit better now. I have my Gevey in my 16GB iPhone 4 and I have an (active) ATT in my 32GB iPhone 4. I've been comparing them side by side on standby. They were both at 40% and 50%, now they're at 39% and 49%, so I guess it's the same...I have no idea what the hell I was doing earlier I guess. I will continue to update.
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    What could be draining the battery could be hacktivation if you've done it or if you used to use the phone as just an iPod you might be feeling the battery life is a lot less due to the cellular radios now being in use.

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    Nope, not I dunno what the problem is. I had a 3GS that was active so I'm kind of used battery life. It seems a bit better now, hopefully it'll get better.

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