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Thread: Factory Unlock?

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    Default Factory Unlock?
    Hello everyone, about six months ago I purchased my very first iPhone, an iPhone 4. I bought it off a guy that claimed he had just "found it" I do believe him though because I've known him for a while and he's not the type to steal anything.
    Since I've owned this iPhone I've become more and more knowledgeable about iPhones and jailbreaking. Well when I bought it grom my friend it had a passlock and was disconnected from the network. There were no signal bars showing. The following day I took it to a phone repairer near my work to get it working with my sim card. He took away the passlock (I'm not sure how) but told me it was factory locked to the network Testra (Australia) But he said to me that it would be difficult to unlock but that he would try for me. After attempting for a while he said that he couldn't do it. But that he had another method he could try. He then grabbed a phone (not sure whether mine or his) and was on the phone to someone for about 30mins. Soon after he handed back my phone and with a big smile on his face congratulated me. He had just "factory unlocked" it for me.
    At the time I didn't think much of it at the time as I was more than happy paying him for his services and my new iPhone with my network.
    Since then I've upgraded my firmware and baseband on two occasions. 4.1 to 4.2.1 to 4.3.1 without any problems at all.
    Reading through these forums made me wonder what did the repairer do to my phone? Could he maybe have a contact working at Testra? Or is there another method of factory unlocking?

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    The factory unlock or IMEI unlock through Itunes that just hit the US in the last few days have been advertised by unlockers around Europe for a very long time perhaps as much as six or nine months. I always assumed it was a scam and never paid much attention to it.

    In retrospect it looks like they had access to the apple whitelist database for a very long time.

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    Default Unlock iPhone 4.3.1
    have any one tried Unlock iPhone 4.3.1, i did it and its not getting rebooted,
    i think my source button is not working..
    Help me out...

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