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Thread: 3GS stuck in recovery mode

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    Default 3GS stuck in recovery mode
    Hey guys i'm in a desperate need for help!

    I finally gave up and updated my iphone to 6.15 bb and on 4.2.1.
    The problem is that the iphone is still locked on emergency call and on recovery mode.

    Using redsn0w was really a painful experience and i don't know got stuck several times in the process.

    Where can i get a custom IPSW? and how can i use it to completely jailbreak my phone?

    I just keep getting error 1015 and the tiny umbrella just can't get me out of recovery mode and i'm also pretty sure this phone is not jailbroken

    please if someone can clarify what am i doing wrong...i'd really appreciate it .

    For the record my iphone is 3gs old boot. currently i'm still on 3.1.2 i believe.

    thanks a bunch.

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    It needs to be "hacktivated" from what it sounds like. Do you see the option in redsn0w to Activate? Guessing you need to have the unlockable baseband?
    Download the 4.3.1 ipsw and use snowbreeze (windows) or pwnagetool (mac) to create your custom ipsw. Choose the option to activate the phone. Once it is done, use Itunes to restore. You may want to use tinyumbrella now to get the 4.3.1 shsh (not sure if apple has stopped signing it or not) before you start. Once it is verified that you have the SHSH for 4.3.1, and you have your custom ipsw created, click on start TSS server and have the phone in DFU mode. Use iTunes to restore following the instructions given by sn0wbreeze/pwnage tool

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    Redsnow automatically hacktivates it with out checking a option that's what I use to hacktivate mine. But sounds like he does get to jailbreak it do to errors. If your on vista or windows 7 right click then hit properties an change the compatibility to windows xp. Then to run right click and run as administrator

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    I got it all figured out.
    My bb was 6.15 so i just needed a custom FW and i did so...i restored using the redsn0w's dfu mode and jailbreak using redsn0w.

    The only thing that worries me is that how can i be sure if my jailbreak is not tethered.I'm using the redsn0w jailbreak on this 3gs old bootrom and i'm afraid of shutting down.

    thanks again

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    Which redsn0w did you use?

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    I used redsn0w_win_0.9.6b5

    Do you think it is tethered?


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    if you have oldbootrom you are not tethered.

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    Thank you very much.

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