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Thread: 3G Version 4.2.1 (8C148) 05.15.04 ....please help me.

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    Default 3G Version 4.2.1 (8C148) 05.15.04 ....please help me.
    hi everybody. Am new here so please if I sound like a dumb wit forgive me. As my title suggests, I recently was given a locked IPHONE 8gb 3G 3.1.3 (not sure what the firmware was)O2 carrier as a gift. Of course I was excited, figured I shouldnt really have major issues jailbreaking and unlocking. Well, here's my story. Having never done this before and after reading a few posts on line, I installed latest version of redsnow 0.9.6b5. The jailbreak and upgrade (4.2.1 and firmware 05.15.04)seemed to have been successful . Now,when it came to unlocking the Iphone so I can use it with my current SIM, i cant seem to get anywhere. 2 major things I noticed after jailbreaking: The wifi button is grayed out {no network available} and the phone itself seems a bit unstable when toggling between between different icons. I have CYDIA installed, but without a network connection, I get the {unable to load because the internet connection appears to be off line}. Evidently, I cant launch Cydia to add the so I can proceed with the unlock because I cannot get any internet connection. This is obviously due to the grayed out Network button on my iphone. Tried rebooting (soft and hard)also tried the resetting network under reset in the general option but to no avail. So far I can sync with itunes without a problem, though I can not revert back to my old version using restore or any other methods.
    Therefore, I am simply asking for help from anyone of you. Any possible solution to unlock the phone at this point without causing other issues? Please help me. Thank you(s)

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    Your phone has two firmwares, don't confuse them. The OS version (known here as the firmware or "FW") is 4.2.1. The Modem Firmware (known here as the baseband or "BB") is 05.15.04.

    Baseband 05.15.04 is currently unlockable. The only way around it is to overwrite your iPhone baseband with an iPad (tablet) baseband. But there are risks involved; the 6.15 baseband kills the GPS feature, and the 6.15 baseband cannot be reverted back to a legit iPhone baseband.

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    Thank you for your response Bologna and sorry for sounding a bit confused with the two firmwares. I do understand your thorough explanation though. So, in a nut shell,the ONLY way to have my iphone permanently unlocked with the current BB 05.15.04 is to use the 6.15 baseband even though it kills the GPS feature? Will this also solve the grayed out {network not available} and iphone being unstable issues that I mentioned earlier?

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    Default Bootloader, Jailbreak Method, Multitasking
    Carrier Unlock:
    There is still hope.
    If your phone is older, with a bootloader of 5.08, then you can downgrade your baseband!
    Get a program called "Fuzzyband" on Cydia. It will tell you the bootloader version. If your BOOTLOADER is 5.08, you can then downgrade your baseband to 05.13.04, which is able to be carrier-unlocked.
    Don't get your hopes up though, if your bootloader version is higher than 5.08, forget about it. You can't unlock baseband 05.15.04 at all, the only way is the 6.15 kludge which definitely messes up the GPS.

    WiFi issue:
    I would say, try another jailbreak method. Redsn0w seems to have documented issues with WiFi. Try Purplera1n or Pwnage. I personally like Pwnage.

    Unstable feel:
    That general unstable feel you're talking about is the multitasking. 3.X didn't have it. 4.X does. The 3G can't really handle it well, it's too slow and doesn't have enough RAM. Why did Apple allow multitasking on a phone it knows can't handle it? I think to make people with 3G phones give up and buy the iPhone 4.

    You can disable multitasking two ways:
    1. You can quickly edit the N82AP.plist preference file in your phone. Read here: How-To: Enable and Disable Multitasking and Background Wallpaper features on iPhone 3G/3GS/4 and iPod Touch 2G on iOS 4.1

    2. You can re-build your custom IPSW with multitasking turned off.

    If you also disable the background wallpaper, it'll go even faster. It will make the wallpaper black like on the old 3.x iOS.
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