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Thread: Rebel Pro Micro-Sim Card (Alternative 2 Gevey)

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    Just reboot the phone and used gevey. Somehow i have full bars im getting lucky i guess

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    Smile Regarding rebel sim
    Just wanted all the guys to know that Gevey sim is selling for $ 35 (£ 22) at their website. Iíll rather buy it because the rebel microsim is too expensive at $ 85 (£ 50), more than twice the price of gevey. Also, the rebel guys raised the price by 10 pounds and the delivery is being delayed and that's the reason why we don't have any reviews on it till now. One can also see rude comments on rebel website like don't contact us for delivery information otherwise we'll cancel your order. I donít mind dialling 112 because you just have to hang up after 2 seconds before the call even gets through.
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    You're totally right about the rude comments on the rebel website. Also the endless amount of excuses why they are not shipping yet. I'm very curious if people are receiving Rebel-sims this week.

    But I must say, if the rebel sim does what they say it does i would prefer this one because it's unthetered. I think it will be annoying to do the same procedure every time you reboot.

    But also other characteristics of the Gevey I read make me careful but not know what is true:
    1. Do you have to do the 112-procedure if you lose signal? Or only with reboot
    2. Does anybody had the experience that te signal bar showed you where in range of network, but when someone called you, they got your voicemail.

    For this second point see this unofficial faq somewhere in the middle.

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    you have to call 112 only if u reboot. and they never got my voice mail, actually i never really lost full signal except im in subway or smth.i just reboot the phone all the time , after cydia downloads , in 30 seconds i got my phone back.

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    Searching in the topics I saw this one. Finally someone that has received the Rebel Sim, but it doesn't work yet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wouter15 View Post
    Searching in the topics I saw this one. Finally someone that has received the Rebel Sim, but it doesn't work yet...
    uh-oh thats kinda interesting. it thought it'd work quite perfect.perhaps someone has been messing w us all along im happy w my takes max a min to reboot the phone and its okay.

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    anyone have any legal issues with gevey? Any calls back?

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    Guys I came across to this link on the official rebel sim card site.... I think they are scamming people u need to dial 112 every time u reboot it, they selling gevey with a new name

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    Looks like something like that.

    Yesterday they had another user guide, that was mostly te same, but different on some places. It says:

    1 - v4 has automatic built-in autodetection of the card 3g or 2g
    2 - v4 has 'data detection feature' for 3g cards... so you have to go through 'a' part of that manual for every time when you reboot your iphone.
    3 - v4 has detection of 2g or 3g cards that able to switch to 2g mode (don't mix it with ability to switch OFF 3g mode in your iphone 4 but that switch may force some operator cards to switch to 2g mode)
    4 - if Your card is 2g card or 3g card in 2g mode (only for cards supported 2g mode and with 3g mode off) then after reboot you will get back your network without any extra movements from your side
    5 - if network is not coming back or lost or something wrong then rebot your phone and follow 'a' part of that manual

    So what does that mean....? I've no idea if I have a 3g or 2g simcard from my provider.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Everyone that has preordered the Rebel Sim...cancel your order! Rebel sim has done nothing but lead us to disappointment and lies! I have been keeping up with a number of people over twitter and so far it seems that the Rebel Sim is basically a cheap knock off of the Gevey Sim, meaning that it is not a untethered unlock as claimed.
    Here is a video demonstrating what a scam the Rebel Sim really is. Thanks to ravs1981 in twitter.
    [ame=]YouTube - REBEL SIM IS A BIG SCAM[/ame]

    And here includes detailed images of the Rebel Sim and ravs1981's chat with Rebel Sim customer service.
    REBEL SIM SCAM - Fullscreen
    Simply do a search on "rebel sim" in twitter and there will be a lot of results showing that rebel sim is nothing but a lie.

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    Ughh, really disappointed. Thanks for the post, will have to get in touch with my bank today to see what they can do in terms of getting my money back.

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    Thanks for the post.

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    I was hopeful, guess it was too good to be true.
    Thanks for the info. Gevey it is, supporting these scammers would be a big mistake.

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    What a disappointment, UGH!! Thanks for posting the review NeoLancer, cheers

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    Rebel sim is a copy of gevey and its not untethered unlock. Rebel owner is scamming iphone owners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larzen23 View Post
    Rebel sim is a copy of gevey and its not untethered unlock. Rebel owner is scamming iphone owners.
    Yup. And the worst part is that you can't even post comments on their videos on youtube. They need to approve it before they're posted. And I had such high hopes for this product. Save your money and just buy a Gevey or wait for the free software unlock.

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    yeah and ratings are disabled...

    i bought a bunch and arrived yesterday, 112 dialing involved and NOTHING works as advertised.

    i don't think thats what i was buying. see below, page 6
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    That video was posted 1 page back.

    Anyway i made a request to cancel my order. It went through but i was charged £10 for wasting "time"

    Not sure if i should take action or just be thankful i got my £60 back.


    This is a notification of a new post to Order: #19095

    Name: Rebel Team
    yes sure we have £10 admin fee for such cases as time waste
    will be actioned

    Thank you for using our shopping cart.

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    Default Forget about rebel sim
    Just got a gevey sim from ebay. Excellent seller, quick service and no regrets. My iPhone 4, iOS 4.2.1, bb 03.10.01 is now unlocked. And the price is just 8 pounds including shipping. The myth about calling 112 is just a myth. I'll post the link below.

    GEVEY TURBO SIM UNLOCK FOR IPHONE 4 4G 4.1 4.2.1 4.3.1 | eBay UK

    Final Verdict: Get a gevey sim from ebay (buy only from a ebay top-rated seller). It's expensive on the official gevey website. We've waited for long and now is the time to start using our phone, not as an iPod but as an iPhone

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