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Thread: Sending AT commands to iPhone 4.

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    Default at commands iphone4
    Let me review:
    iPhone4 CDMA Verizon network
    iphone jailbreak performed with greenpois0n
    installed open ssh and minicom

    Objective is to make machine to machine data calls analogous
    to back in the day of bulletin boards and land line modems running at 9600 baud. Not trying to get on the 'net.

    I open an ssh session from my mac to the phone from terminal
    with sshroot@<ipaddress>

    then I start up minicom, but I have to choose a port. So:

    minicom -s

    and I get minicom's configuration choices

    I scroll down to serial port, choose A, and then I have to pick a dev file. But none have worked

    No matter what port I choose from minicom, even with echo on, there
    is never a response. I never get back the "OK" prompt from AT

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    How can i change the permission of "/dev/dlci.spi-baseband.extra_13 "?

    Yes,we can login with root and then use "chmod 777 "/dev/dlci.spi-baseband.extra_13 " to change it, but it invalid if iPhone reboot.

    So,how can we change the permission with Program Code? or some script?

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    Default trying 2 get crashes on BB 4.11.08
    I`m accessing on minicom, everything is going fine exept when i enter the commands I can get nothing feedback, even the commands I type ar not visible, I`m on ip4 with bb 4.11.08, no sim card on the iPhone, also.... how to trace the crashes.......ur help is appreciated

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    try using the signal app by planetbeing, while you are sending commands to your baseband, the signal/signals(i do not know anymore exactly how it's called) must be running , and turn ECHO on in minicom then you will see what you are typing.

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    thx dude for ur answer, unfortunately signal is not supported by iOS5.0.1, any other useful app 2 send commands to BB??

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    i am trying with iFunBox to connect to minicom and fire AT commands but whenever i give minicom -s i get "Configuration file could not be found and defaults will be used" can anyone help me on this please

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    actually, I can run Signal on ios 5.0.1 on iphone MC319LL baseband 04.11.08.. but No Service with my sim (its locked on at&t).

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