I used PwnageTool & QuickPwn 2.1 for 2.1v on my 2G iphone a few days ago but was still getting error message when I put in my international sim card its giving me “different sim detected” error and telling me to connect to iTunes.

After a great deal of research I decided to SSH into phone using cyberduck and download patched lockdown file.

I clicked open connection.
In the Protocol dropdown menu, choose SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)
In the Server field put in my phone’s IP
In the Username field, input root.
In the Password field, I entered alpine, (as far as I know I haven’t changed it)
Click Connect

I/O Error: Connection failed
Sftp://(my IP address)

There was a problem while connecting to (my IP address)

My iphone is connected to my network; however, this iphone has never been activated.

At this point I’m stuck what am I doing wrong?