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Thread: My iphone needs your help please

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    Default My iphone needs your help please
    Iphone start up problem,
    when i tried to restore my Iphone to 1.1.4 because of a freez problem, it goes for an endless loop, showing APPLE LOGO, the iphone is perfectly working when its connecting to the PC, when i remove the cable its starts the endless loop.
    i tried all possible ways, DFU MODE, restore using itunes 7.5, Iliberty+ DFU mode then restore many many times, Jailbreak and Unlock using Iliberty+, tried also to use Ibrickr, All in Vain
    Please any one can help ?
    Notice my Power key is not responding for the sleep or power off, the only time when it works when i hold both power and home key.
    i restored my iphone with and without SIM inside, nothing change
    any idea or help will be greatly apprectiated
    Thank you

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    Your battery is almost dead. I had the same problem on my iphone. When it was plugged into the PC, it worked fine. Take it off the PC, and it would do a constant power cycle were the apple logo comes on, goes it was constantly rebooting itself.

    The reason..there is still enough juice in the battery to keep it on while drawing power from the PC. After a while, the phone will cease to work all together. Get it replaced since it is covered under apple's warranty.

    But first, go and buy a pre-paid ATT account. This will cost you 52.00, but you'll save money instead of paying the cost of a new iphone replacement. If your iphone will stay on while connected to the PC, do a complete restore and call Apple to have them set you up with a moron...i mean "genius" bar employee.

    They will swap out the phone free of charge as long as it is diffective (your not going to get a new 3G model..they have tons of previous generation models in stock)

    Hope this helps

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    Default thank you
    thank you very much for your reply, that was helpful.
    iam having actually an ATT acount, but this iphone i just bought it from ebay, so can i still get the APPLE HELP ?
    if so should i go directly to the store ? its not from where i live, or just call them ?
    and are they going to fix it, or replace it with another one ??
    Sorry about my too many questions..
    Thank you Very much again

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    i bricked my phone someone please help

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