Hi guys,

I have a question concerning unlocking now that the 3G phone is less then a week away. I am an AT&T subscriber and plan to upgrade to the 3G phone.

Currently I have a 8 gig iphone which was a 1.0 OTB and currently is a jailbroken 1.1.4. What can I use to just unlock the phone as it currently is? I have a lot of aps and things installed and would like to just leave it as it is and unlock it without having to do a restore. Is this possible?

Since I have been on At&T I was not following the unlock process as much as the jailbreaking, but now would like to be able to unlock the current phone.

I don't plan on upgrading my first gen phone to the 2.0 software anytime soon till at least the jailbreak and unlock come out for that also.

And once unlocked, I should be able to take my sim from the 3G and have it work in my first gen phone also, correct?

Thanks for any help!