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Thread: how do i find my unlock method

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    Default how do i find my unlock method
    first post. and yes i did try using search..

    i bought my phone unlocked already.. and i have 1.0.2 and would like to upgrade to do i find out how my iphone was unlocked so i can use the proper downgrading, restoring and unlocking technique?

    thanks guys, great forum/site!!!

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    Hey nick651,

    i dont believe there is any way to figure out how it was unlocked.
    i reccomend virginizing (search it)

    hope this helped!

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    so if i virginize it, then i can restore 1.1.1 and unlock via any method correct??

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    yeah he is correct verginize then unlock any way you want

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    but the guide on here for virginizing is for phones unlocked with iUnlock ....? any thoughts/suggestions?

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    you CAN find out the method used to unlock. Install BSD subsystem and ssh. Then ssh into ure phone and type "minicom -s". Then set the device to "/dev/tty.baseband". Quit minicom. Again, type only "minicom". Now, type AT+XSIMSTATE=1. If the first digit after "PN" is not 5 (Should mostly be 4), then you're good to go and go ahead and virginize. 5 signifies IPSF unlocks. Anything other than that is anySim or iUnlock with which you can use the virginize method. Hope this helps!! Go check out as well.
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    Exclamation Unable to Install AppSnap
    I tried to install appsnap from jailbreak but it is not working. I do not know why. Do you have idea,why?

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