Hey all, I've been a long time lurker in this forum and have read most of the threads here but I don't understand something.

I bought my 8gb iPhone about 2 weeks ago right before the 1.1.1 fw was released and when I recieved it it had v1.0.0 loaded on it, so I restored to 1.0.2 followed a guide using Apptapp, ibrickr, PACAY and AnySim1.0.2 to unlock. I have had absolutely no problems syncing, surfing the internet, calling, texting, checking youtube or anything. However, all i'm hearing now is all this stuff about the DevTeam effing up our phones with AnySim1.0.2 and the "elite" team going on about something that the DevTeam left out/effed up in the programming.

Now my iPhone works perfectly so I dont understand what all the commotion is about with AnySim1.0.2. And whats the difference with I-Unlock, AnySim1.0.2 or this new one (the guide i used changed it so it says to use Erica's) Unlock.app.

Because i unlocked with AnySim1.0.2 does that mean i screwed myself for the future (lets say they unlocked 1.1.1)? Am I SOL? Should i do a factory (virgin) restore and re-unlock with Erica's new unlock app? Can someone explain what all this mess is about? Thanks, much appreciated, nh