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Thread: someone with knowledge- buy iPhone 3 or 4 for tmobile card?

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    Default someone with knowledge- buy iPhone 3 or 4 for tmobile card?
    help! I've been reading posts forever and no one has asked my question! I've had a first gen. iPhone jailbroken and using tmobile sim for a long time! Now the digitizer is broken. decided instead of fixing to get a new one. my question is should I get the 3 or 4? I'm buying from eBay and I want to make sure I can have it unlocked and jb and use tmobile. what would you do? small budget so I'm not spending more than a couple hundred bucks. Please help ! thanks all!

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    I would say get the iP4, much faster processor, cosmetically it just looks so much better also.

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    Thanks for the reply. I am mainly concerned with being able to jailbreak it and unlock it for use with tmobile. I know this is possible but if buying it on ebay is there any questions i should ask the seller regarding if it has been jailbroken? i am in fear of buying one that someone has tryed to upgrade and now it will be unable to be jailbroken or unlocked. I dont know all the latest tools to know if any phone can be repaired if someone has already jailbroken it. any comments are appreciated!

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    If by "3" you mean 3GS, then I'll cover that topic.

    As for the iPhone 4, you'll want to look for one with the baseband 1.59.00 to unlock it. That's quite rare since that's a pretty old baseband and the only bb that can be unlocked for the iPhone 4 with Ultrasn0w.

    If you find one with 4.10.xx baseband or below, that's unlockable with the Gevey Ultra. This SIM will unlock the device, and I believe it costs $30 (double check that at

    The iPhone 3GS you have a wider range to unlock. All it needs to be, is if it's an 8GB model, is produced before week 28 of 2011. You can tell this by the first 5 digits of the serial number. For instance if the serial number is (I'm making this up) 88124, the third digit is 1 so it is of 2011 and the fourth/fifth digit is 24 so it's week 24. If it is week 28 of 2011 or higher, it's no good for unlocking unless the baseband is already preserved at 5.13.04 which isn't likely for an 8GB model.

    If it is any other model like 16 or 32 GB, it has to be week 33 of 2011 and under. Week 34 of 2011 or higher is not good unless the bb is already preserved at 5.13.04.

    So, if it's as mentioned above, it is eligible to unlock with or without a preserve bb. Like if it comes with 5.16.xx baseband, you can upgrade to the iPad bb then downgrade it back to 5.13.04 to avoid GPS loss and still unlock. If it comes with 6.15.00 bb, it is already unlockable but GPS function may be lost. You can downgrade that bb yourself anyhow to regain GPS.

    With all that being said, evaluate which you find most suitable for you. If you're looking at maybe the iPhone 3G rather than the 3GS, well I wouldn't bc 3G is pretty old now too but if you do, it's not as complicated as the 3GS. It's a simple matter of also upgrading the bb to 6.15.00 and downgrading it to 5.13.04 to unlock.

    Edit: regarding jailbreak, all fw versions are able to be jailbroken so that shouldn't be of concern. It's the basebands for the iPhone 4 you're looking at, and the serial number for the iPhone 3GS.
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