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Thread: New MMS,SMS,DATA FIX For Gevey Ultra Unlocked 4S on 5.1.1 For Tmobile

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    Default New MMS,SMS,DATA FIX For Gevey Ultra Unlocked 4S on 5.1.1 For Tmobile
    Spent a lot of hours working on this hope it saves everyone a lot of time. Previously many of us used the pushfix for ios 4 on unlocked iphone 4's to add the tmobile or simple mobile apn settings. Fortunately the network tab was made available on those so if you had simple mobile you could simply change the apn's and leave all the other tmobile settings that were added for you. That luxury is no longer available to us. So someone with Simple Mobile will need to play with this or I will update once I get a Simple Mobile unlock customer. For right now though this has been tested and proven working by me on 3 different devices to get your data,sms and mms all working on Tmobile.

    Fixes I Tried and didn't work. I'll save you some wasted time.

    I5MMS (wont download or crashes) (Fixes everything except sending pics)

    dial *#5005*7672# call if it's +7 then it's the infamous "Find your Iphone" bug. (settings>Icloud>Find My Iphone) turn that off, dial **5005*7672*+12063130004# call and reset your iphone and you should be good.

    What Does Work For A AT&T Iphone 4S on 5.1.1 Unlocked with a Gevey Ultra S

    Please realize I made these instructions dummy proof so a novice can follow them. A lot of tut's on forums are way over peoples heads. If you have a question post it here and I'll answer it each night asap. Please don't pm me this will allow others to get answers to the same questions.

    -I recommend doing a full restore to 5.1.1 so you can wipe out any nonsense you've already tried. I've found in my experience multiple methods will not play nicely together. Needed Ios can be downloaded and saved from this site. I like to restore with the original sim card the phone came with in it as well.
    iPhone, iPod, iPad and Firmware/Software Download

    -Jailbreak your 4S on 5.1.1 using Absynthe 2 which can be found here
    Absinthe 2.0 has arrived! |

    -Set Up Cydia as a "user".

    -Once Fully installed hit, Manage, Sources, Edit and Add. Type in the following url without erasing any of the url thats already there for you. So when "http://" pops up just type in behind it the following.,it should find that repo and auto install it.

    -Hit Return To Cydia

    -Tap ""

    -Hit the "T" button and look under the T's for "T-Mobile US MMS Fix For"

    -Hit Install and confirm

    Your phone will re spring and you'll be at your home screen and thats it. Sometimes I have to install it twice to get it all working. To do so simply go back into Cydia, hit manage, sources, and T-mobile us mms fix for. Hit Modify and reinstall will present itself allowing you to reinstall it.

    I spent nearly 23 hours this week working on this and I'm not exaggerating. If I save you even a couple hours of your time I think you can at least thank me or donate to me for my time and experience solving this issue so you don't have to pay your local Repair/Unlocker $25-$30 to do it for you. Plus you'll be helping me score a new Macbook so I can keep on Liberating Iphones. My A1181 isn't what it used to be. Its late, I'm exhausted and I really don't feel like fighting with word press to allow this donate link to look like the cool "donate" link. So please just click it if you think the time I spend on this was awesome.

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    I tried this out it seems the MMS started to work, but when I send a SMS text I still end up with a message send failure.

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    try a full restore and do it all over or re install the package.

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    Was I suppose to do the

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    turn on airplane mode then reboot then turn off airplane mode, and no don't do the unlock it because this is a replacement for that

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    Oh It works! Thank you!

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    Default $5 donated
    Here - have some money. This was a pain in the *** for me and your post saved me a lot of frustration.

    The first time I've ever donated to anyone online. Created an account and everything just for this.

    Good on you.
    Verizon iPhone 4S 5.1.1 now on T-Mobile

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    Thanks Moe I really appreciate that from you. I laughed when I saw it you were my first donation, lol. I spent 20+ hours on it so I feel your pain. Seriously though thank you for that donation and I'm glad I helped you out.

    Your welcome Dennster, I'm glad I could help you and others.

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    Ok I got MMS to work but SMS is still showing red exclamation mark. I tried doing the airplane on,reboot, airplane off but it is still coming like that. Do you have any other suggestions?

    edit: I did the airplane on,reboot, airplane off steps again and this time it worked!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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    Please if your able to use this and it gets your issue solved make sure and thank me, you don't have to donate. Along with the thank you's which let me know its still solving the issue. Please add to this post if you use this on any other firmwares, models etc. for the good of forum.

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    By reset u mean??? All settings, reboot???

    I got the +7..

    I went to the link which Firmware am I suppose to download?
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    Does this only work for t mobile?

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    I've tried installing it twice and i can't get it to work for
    AT&T. Any ideas?

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    you are trying to do this for a phone locked to AT&T or the sim card is AT&T

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    i5MMS is up and running. have solved the issues and @iphonemedic good job

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    Rock and roll guys go to the i5mms as my fix was only deemed a get buy until method.

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    Unhappy DOesn't work for me
    did everything jailbreak restore installed cydia did the pushfix air plain mode off/on reboot and still no damn luck! Sent myself a couple SMS to test worked great. as soon as I tried to send an MMS i got the blasted red exclamation. then tried to send SMS again just to see if that would still work and it stopped working too after attempting to send the first MMS. I'm Frustrated as F**CK!

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    No SMS or mms on tmobile! Help

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