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Thread: Official T-Mobile 3G Speed Watch Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbird55 View Post
    Nope, not an idiot by any means. 4G on these phones operate at a specific band which T-Mo does not yet have. It will most likely require Apple to manufacture these phones to work at T-Mo's freq. I don't see T-Mo applying for those rights (if they can).

    That's about what I know to be true.

    Who let you out?

    All 3G-enabled iPhones will work with this new refarm. There is no need for special phones anymore. T-Mobile is aligning themselves with AT&T frequency/spectrum-wise.

    Now to answer JaysonPD's question:

    It all depends on your definition of "4G." 4G HSPA+? Yes, the iPhone 5 will get 21 Mbps HSPA+. From all of the iPhone 5 tests I've seen in refarmed areas, it seems that T-Mobile has only applied 21 Mbps HSPA+ for now. 42 Mbps DC-HSPA+ will come for sure over PCS (1900).

    4G LTE? Again, yes, but only for AT&T's iPhone 5 and only after T-Mobile launches LTE (2013).

    After the MetroPCS merger is complete, T-Mobile's network will be made up of the following:

    1900 MHz (PCS): GSM/GPRS/EDGE (small amounts for roaming and legacy phones), HSPA+
    1700 MHz (AWS): HSPA+ (small amounts for the early AWS-only phones), LTE

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    Driving in queens today 3G is getting more seamless.

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    So been getting 3G right outside my house. great speeds on my iPhone 4. 4/4.

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    Hi new to this forum and hope to get some help with struggling with tmo and iphone. Have a factory unlocked Iphone 4S, bought new from 3rd party seller, still has a year of applecare left. Hooked up to Tmo about 3 weeks ago and at first it seemed to work great, surfed well, pages loaded quickly, instagram-ing to my heart's content. Then I went out of town where tmo has crappy service. So just shut it off for 3 days. Came back, and only the phone and texting (not iMessage) work when not in wifi area. Works great on wifi, but otherwise, total crap. Can't load anything on the internet, no siri, no instagram, among a million other things that don't work when not on wifi. I have talked to Apple twice, got a new sim from tmo, had the settings checked by tmo (albeit the guy didn't seem to really know what he was doing) and no change. It's a total brick when not in a wifi area, other than receiving phone calls. Anyone have any suggestions?! Is it that the network is just so bad in Minneapolis that I am truly just getting nothing? Coworkers have other smartphones on Tmo that work great. Can't imagine that their Edge network is that awful (am not seeing 3G anywhere, although I think it was being picked up that first great week). Thanks for any help you can give me!!

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    Does your E/3G show in the top next to Tmobile? If not turn on your cellular data. Settings, general, network.

    If it does show check your son settings. Settings, general, network, cellular data network.

    Your cellular data son should be

    Sounds like your Internet just doesn't work. Fix that and you should be fine. Also what plan are you on? Did you run out of data or have it suspended?

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    Thanks for the thoughts. All of these things are done already. Showing E next to Tmobile and 5 bars up in the left hand corner, have toggled on and off 3G multiple times, get no 3G signal. Have set up...on the $70.00 unlimited Data plan, can't run out of Data. At a little bit of a loss for why it's just not working.

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    3G signal on 8th ave and 42nd street in NYC

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    I have a number next to the phone icon for the first time.

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    Default Tmobile 3G for iPhone working in south Florida
    I was just leaving school when I noticed on my Tmobile unlocked 4s was actually getting 3G. I tested it out and the speed was incredible compared to my regular 2g. This was in west palm on forrest hill and congress. If anyone else has seen 3G in Florida post it here so we can start building a map.

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    tmobile rep told me yesterday here in nyc that by the end of december 3g should be pretty good all over i do get 3g in certain areas here and there and the speed is prettty good on my iphone 5-photo.png

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    I can't wait until Tmobile 3G is in my area. I live in south west Louisiana at the bottom of the state. When I go to Houston,Tx, I notice in certain areas I see 3G on my phone. I'm only a 2 hour drive from Houston.

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    and i did another test on a 4s i had before and it was a lot more than the pic i posted here but i just dont have it but its gonna be pretty quick when its up and running

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    T-Mo finally turned the switch on for good here in Phoenix, loving it.
    Not bad for 3 bars at my house which is about 30 miles from Phoenix in the mountains.

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    Tmob need to hurry up and flip the switch in the midwest especially OKC

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    T-Mobile 3G on West Phoenix on I-10 from 83rd ave to Verrado Rd.

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    Had 3G for a some time in Minnesota near Burnsville these are all t-mobile 3G speeds on my iPhone 5.
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    West palm beach fl
    Less bars than normal

    Quote Originally Posted by qbnucca View Post
    West palm beach fl
    Less bars than normal
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    96 th street and broadway in NYC
    Lindenhurst long island near SK speed

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    Very sporadic in the NY Queens area, around the Jamaica, Ozone Park areas.
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    So been getting 3G in my house here in Brooklyn, NY. Must say these speeds are great-imageuploadedbymodmyi1352795324.337149.jpg

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