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Thread: Temp FIX for Message Send Failure on iPhone 4s 5.1 Gevey

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    Wink Temp FIX for Message Send Failure on iPhone 4s 5.1 Gevey
    After hours of trying to narrow down a solution I think Ive got it.
    Have tried it multiple times on my Iphone 4s white 5.1 BB 2.0.10 with success but should work for others having the same issue when trying to send sms it shows red Failer to send.
    Calling,Data and Incoming sms all working but sms out bound not working.

    Here's how to fix it
    Just follow these steps:

    1.Using Your Carrier's Data or WiFi, Open Safari and go to "" then select "Continue".

    2. Select "Custom APN"

    3.Select third "Tmobile" from the top.
    -img_0647.png "Create profile"

    5. Select "Install" And "Install Now"

    6.Now Turn off WIFI and pop Out Sim Card.

    7.Power off phone with Sim card out.

    8.Power On phone with Sim Card still Out.

    9.Waite for boot and After "No SIM" message, Insert SIM.

    10.Switch airplane Mode on then off again.

    11.You should now be able to send SMS when Tmobile is displayed.

    Be sure to follow steps 6 and above before you ever restart your phone .
    If you restart your phone with sim inside, all setting will be lost and you will have to redo the steps.
    when retrying the steps be sure to remove the APN Profile in "Settings>General>Profile>remove then start from step 1 again.

    I took the time to figure this thing out, So Please take the time to Click the "Thanks" button if I helped

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    i tried 4 times with iphone 4s 5.1/ gevey simIII, it is not working!!!

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    xshooter726, great info and suggestions. Prior to your info, and having contacted applenberry, their directions required the previous carrier's sim card (at&t in my case, now using tmobile with gevey ultra s) which was pretty inconvenient if you didn't have that sim handy. With your fix, it can be done anytime there is wi-fi.
    so, my next question is:
    How can i get mms and sms to work on my iphone. I can get only one to work at a time. I can not see my data network setting tab in utilities, so i was forced to use ibackupbot to change the plist for mms. It worked! but then outgoing sms wouldn't. then, when i'd try the sms fix, mms would not. any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.

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    I was soooo hoping this would work, but unfortunately it didn't. Crazy thing, for me, has been since I got the phone, the sending out has been intermittent. Don't know if the problem lies w/ tmobile or the phone settings. Can someone PLEASE help me figure this out?!

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    Did you ever find a fix?

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    Used it. Works fine. The key is to make sure all data is turned off. Only thin on is wifi. Has to do with messing up carrier or some ****.

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    tried it still no luck, could it be because UK providers are still on 3G?

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