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Thread: Updating IP4 from 4.3.3 to 5.0.1 but I need to preserve the modem baseband 04.10.01

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    Default Updating IP4 from 4.3.3 to 5.0.1 but I need to preserve the modem baseband 04.10.01
    My wife's phone is on 4.3.3 with the modem firmware at 04.10.01. I'm using Tmobile and a Gevy Ultra sim adapter. The long sotry short my wife's phone is having software issues already diagnosed my applenberry. They told me I need to upgrade to 5.0.1 then jailbreak it but I need to retain the 04.10.01 modem firmware. I need to do the jailbreak with redsnow so the Gevy Ultra with search automatically.

    Can you tell me a step by step of how to upgrade from 4.3.3 to 5.0.1 and retain the modem firmware of 04.10.01?

    Are there any issues with 5.0.1 that I need to be aware of. I would like to factory restore the phone to clear out the software errors she is having. Please let me know what direction I need to head to factory restore and upgrade as described above.

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    Upgrade jailbroken iPhone to iOS 5.0.1 and preserve baseband with redsn0w

    How to upgrade a previously jailbroken iPhone to iOS 5.0.1 and preserve the baseband.

    The process of getting this job done requires a number of steps (but are easily done), which are downloading the official iOS firmware from Apple, upgrading iTunes to the latest version, getting the latest redsn0w from the dev team, making your custom iOS, restoring your iPhone to the custom iOS, restoring your iPhone data, installing Cydia and lastly installing Ultrasn0w. If you are new to this it can well be intimadating with loads of jargon but take your time and go through the information below.

    iOS5 Jailbroken
    This process has been tested and successfully installed/Jailbroken on a iPhone 3GS old boot rom device that has been previously jailbroken and had the iPad baseband firmware of 6.15 applied.

    If you have previously jailbroken your iPhone, the only way to get to the latest iOS 5 is from a custom iOS IPSW which is made from a stock Apple standard iOS IPSW. In which case you will want to follow the whole post.

    If you are on an unjailbroken iPhone stock iOS 5.0.1 and just want to jailbreak go to the second half of the post.

    Mac/Win users can create their own custom IPSW with the coolest software app from the dev team called ‘redsn0w’.

    Please note that this is now an untethered jailbreak for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4-CDMA, iPad1, iPodTouch 3G, iPodTouch 4G. Untethered meaning that you can reboot the device normally without software assistance.

    This will not work on iPhone 4s and iPad2.

    What boot-rom am I (for iPhone 3GS) ?

    What basebands are unlockable ?

    Download Standard stock iOS for iPhone | iPad | iPodTouch

    Download the latest official Apple stock IPSW iOS 5 for your iOS device:

    iPhone 4 GSM
    iPhone 4 CDMA
    iPhone 3GS
    iPad 1
    iPod touch 3G
    iPod touch 4G

    Upgrade iTunes

    Update to the latest version of iTunes

    Mac – iTunes Menu > Check for Updates
    Win – iTunes Help Menu > Check for Updates

    Sync iPhone to iTunes

    This will ensure you have an up to date backup of your iPhone in iTunes

    Get the lastest redsn0w

    Get the latest Redsn0w — Mac OSX redsn0w 0.9.10b5c or Windows redsn0w 0.9.10b5c

    Upgrade to iOS 5.0.1 with redsnow

    1) Launch redsn0w – click Extras


    2) Select Custom IPSW


    3) Browse and select the stock standard iOS IPSW 5 that was downloaded from Apple – and let redsn0w make the custom firmware, – this will take a little while… in this example the 3GS iPhone standard iOS file was selected “iPhone2,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore.ipsw”


    4) A Custom IPSW is then created by redsn0w created with a prefix of “NO_BB…..” which is short for no baseband, the full file name for 3GS iPhone is named ‘NO_BB_OLDROM_iPhone2,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore.ipsw’


    5) Connect the iPhone to the the computer and in redsn0w – Enter Pwned DFU Mode


    6) Follow the Steps in the redsn0w app to get the iphone into Pwned DFU Mode:


    7) Once the screen is black – time to do the custom restore. If the screen has a USB/iTunes logo then it did not enter pwned DFU mode – the screen has to be black.


    8 ) Launch iTunes and option (Mac) /shift (Win) click on restore and browse to and select the custom IPSW created which starts with “NO_BB_” make sure this is the one you restore to.

    Shift/Option click restore to restore iphone from custom IPSW
    iTunes extracts the software and preps the iphone for restore, verifies the restore, restores the firmware and then restarts the iphone.

    Voila!, you are on iOS5.0.1

    9) Now in iTunes you can restore all your data from the last iTunes backup as prompted – just have to remember that password!

    After the restore, iTunes will then sync all of the Apps, Music, Photos etc.

    To Activate (Hacktivate) Jailbreak and Unlock the iOS device

    To activate and jailbreak and install Cydia and to unlock install Ultrasn0w: - launch redsn0w again and this time the application needs to work with the stock standard official iOS firmware initially downloaded from the links above in this instance with the iPhone 3GS the firmware is ‘iPhone2,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore.ipsw’

    1) launch redsnow and click on ‘Extras‘


    2) Select IPSW and browse to your downloaded stock iOS – in this case it is - iPhone2,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore.ipsw


    3) For the iPhone 3GS redsnow needs to know if it is an old or new bootrom – see other notes on the post if you are not sure on what bootrom version. If you are not sure use refer to this boot rom guide.

    Which BootRom is This?

    4) IPSW verification made from redsn0w

    Confirm IPSW

    5) Now time to Jailbreak


    6) Click on Install Cydia


    7) You then have to enter the PwnedDFU mode again, so follow the onscreen instructions

    8 ) After it enters DFU


    You should see a hardrive icon followed by a bunch of scrolling code and then running pineapples – and its all happy days.

    9) After rebooting, launch Cydia on the iPhone, the app will ask you what type of user you are and then download the lastest packages and upgrade when prompted, then tap the Cydia Search icon (bottom right) and tap in ultrasn0w, Cydia finds the package and then install ultrasn0w 1.2.5 and reboot the iPhone this will complete the jailbreak and unlock the device.

    Note on Tethered Boot !

    If your iPhone requires a tethered boot this means that the device requires a software jumpstart (everytime it is booted) to operate after being jailbroken, there are a few apps that can do this but redsn0w also has the function built in. So if you have successfully jailbroke but are stuck on iPhone Apple logo, spinning gear on iPhone boot up, connect the iPhone, launch redsn0w > Extras.

    Then ‘just boot tethered right now’.

    This also applies if Cydia crashes on launch or you get a white icon – this means that a tethered boot is also required but is known as a semi-tethered boot as the iPhone can reboot without assistance but to be in a jailbroken state needs a tethered boot.

    The only iPhone that can boot untethered on this redsn0w/jailbreak is the old bootrom iPhone 3GS. – All iPhones now can boot untethered with the latest jailbreak from redsn0w.

    Future versions of the redsn0w software will no doubt allow for an untethered experience for iPhone 4 users.

    What boot-rom am I?

    Check your iPhone 3GS serial number, on iPhone – Settings > General > About
    Look for the Serial Number – if the 4th & 5th digits are below 40 you are lucky and have the old boot-rom.

    To be absolutely sure about the boot rom – check if you have iboot 359.3

    What basebands are unlockable?

    iPhone 4

    iPhone 3G/3GS

    The official basebands installed for iOS5 are:
    iPhone 3Gs = 05.16.05
    iPhone 4 = 04.11.08

    Both are not currently unlockable.

    Related posts:

    Re-flashing the 06.15.00 iPhone 3GS BaseBand
    Recover and Restore iPhone 3GS with Error 1015 stuck in Recovery Mode in iTunes
    iOS 5.0.1 Released via iTunes Jailbreakers need to hold off the Upgrade
    Recover an iPhone Stuck or Hung In DFU Recovery mode from iTunes
    The iphone ipad could not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build.

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    Use sn0wbreeze to compile a custom IPSW. Sn0wbreeze will automatically preserve your baseband, meaning it the version will retain itself and not be updated once you enter DFU mode and restore with 5.0.1. Unlocking is the same procedure. Pop in Gevey SIM, grab 112 instructions, follow them, and you're unlocked. No downsides as of late. I don't know about the future. Gevey sucks, though. I visited a wrecking yard today and my signal completely dropped, kicking me off T-Mobile's towers until I had the chance to re-unlock with 112 again. Total pain.

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