Everyone and their mom has posted on the resolution/size restriction error message, mostly when receiving MMS. I have no trouble receiving messages and they aren't blurry or anything. My problem is sending MMS. When I send them to myself, they look great. When I send to my buddy who also has an iPhone (on Verizon), they look great. When I've sent to my wife (on T-Mobile with a Samsung Gravity T), a variety of problems occur. They colors are messed up, the picture is only half there, or there's a faint line across the picture with half of it being the correct colors and half being slightly darker. At the least, there's always something wrong with the picture, either slightly or big time. Alternatively, when I send to my mom (on T-Mobile with a much nicer T-Mobile G2x) SHE gets the resolution/size restriction error message. I've been unable to find any posts where the recipient gets that message. Very weird.

For info sake, I'm on a 2g with 3.1.2. I've used several combos of the MMS settings, many of which have worked with no change in this problem. Thanks to anyone who has some ideas.