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Thread: iPhone Noob in need of some help / advice!

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    Default iPhone Noob in need of some help / advice!
    Hello everyone, I'm a total noob with cell phones and I need some advice and any help is greatly appreciated.

    Here's my situation.... I'm considering buying a used iPhone 3G I found for $80. The phone has no sim card, and other than some scuffing on the back side it's in good condition. According to the seller, it's also jailbroken (whatever that means). What I want to do is buy this iphone and set up a prepaid plan rather than sign a contract anywhere.

    As such, I've found by searching online that my best bet is probably T-Mobile. Apparently, I should be able to walk into the T-Mobile store with my iphone 3G, set up an unlimited everything monthly prepaid plan for 50 bucks a month, get the SIM card from them that's attached to the plan, put it in my iphone and I should be good to go.

    Does this sound like it'll work? What about any issues with the iphone 3G on the t-mobile network? Will the data on the plan work for the iPhone? What about updating the phone, can I do that normally once I get the plan activated? Is this the best choice for what I want to do or is there a better option for using the iphone 3G on a prepaid plan?

    I've read on some forums that I might have to turn off 3G and Location Services if I have problems with connectivity to the t-mobile network, is that true? What does it mean to have those services disabled?

    Thanks in advance for any and all help on this!!!

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    Being jailbroken does not mean it is unlocked. You will either need to research the unlock section on this forum, or ask the seller if he can do it for you, it is free so if he knows how to jailbreak he will most likely know how to unlock as well.

    Once the iPhone is unlocked, yes you can go to t-mobile and say you have an unlocked phone you'd like to use on their pre paid service, dont let them sell you smart phone data, as the iPhone can only use edge, which is the same as any regular phones internet.

    As with most unlocked iPhones, it is only unlocked via software, so if you update or restore the phone it will lock it back up. Although Apple does not make updates for the 3G anymore, so once you get it on the latest available version (4.2.1 i believe) you wont have anything to worry about, as there will not be any more updates.

    This is definitely a great choice, while the 3g is quite old technology, for 80$'s you can't really ask for more.

    Yes you should turn off 3G for tmobile because the iPhone is not compatible with T-mobiles high speed network (different frequencies) I haven't heard of anything with location services, but location services is just for your gps and other location applications.

    Hope to have answered your questions, respond back if i missed anything!
    The only thing I ask in return for helping, is that you click the thanks button, Thanks!

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    Thanks Babyblue. I'm in a similar position as the original poster. But the iPhone I'm getting isn't unlocked or jailbroken, so your response was very helpful. I'm going to try to jailbreak and unlock my iPhone myself. I read a couple of the guides at I and it doesn't sound that difficult. I do have some questions...

    Is it true that once I carrier unlock it with using ultrasn0w and the Ipad baseband I wont be able to return it to original config? And my GPS won't work? If I use a different program to unlock it, will that allow me to return it to original config or keep my GPS working?

    I just want a basic cell service with wifi usage, I don't want a data plan, so once I unlock it, Will it work with the pre-paid, pay as you go T-mobile plans? Where you pay for calls by the minute and per text sent? Or do I need a data plan prepaid?

    Thanks in advance for any help...


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