T-mobile 3g - 8gb
Version 4.2.1
Baseband: 06.15.00

What are your thoughts

I have a situation that started a few days ago. My jailbroken/unlocked iPhone 3g will have Edge when I'm at work. When I get home (approx. 13 mi as the crow flies) I noticed the Edge (E) will disappear and a round circle will take its place. I can get limited internet and msgs like network timeout and no data service when trying to surf. I've called T-mobile and of course get the speech - we don't support iPhone - each time taking me though the same hoops (airplane mode, resets etc. etc.) that I had gone through the day before (I've called 3 times).

I tried something this morning. After driving about 3 miles away from home I put the phone in Airplane mode and after turning off Airplane mode the "E" came back. I'm at work now and it is still on. I'm going to try and watch this evening and see when it goes off (if it does).

This sounds to me like there is trouble on T-mobile's end - low tower signal or something like that. My daughter called me to say that she lost her 4g signal this morning on a HTC (which is Tmobile) and had to call and get her phone reset.