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Thread: Issues JB/Unlocking 3GS - Phone bricked?

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    Default Issues JB/Unlocking 3GS - Phone bricked?
    I had my wifes 3GS setup for t-mobile on 4.3.3 and not realizing it would cause issues she upgraded to 5.0 last week and it has been a non-stop mess since then. I've spent days now trying everything from jailbreaking 5.0 with redsn0w (only to find out later it does not have a carrier unlock) to trying to downgrade to 4.3.4 and 4.1 again with no luck I just get the 3194 error when trying to restore in itunes and 20 error when trying to restore to 4.1 via itunes.

    I can get it into recovery mode with redsn0w but when it started downloading the software it gets an error that it cannot mount the rootfs and just hangs, if I try to boot normally I get a looping apple icon screen.

    I've probably spent the good part of 20 hours trying to research and get this running with no luck so I am really hoping that someone might have another suggestion as I've tried everything (including editing the hosts file) and I really want to get this working for her again as it's her only way to make calls to her elderly mother who just moved into a nursing home and is still getting adjusted 300 miles away.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

    Baseband is 16.5 I believe, can't get into the phone to check but I'm pretty sure that's what it said when I was in trying to fix it after the upgrade.

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    I have as 3gs on 5.0 that is jb and unlocked. I don't understand the baseband. Mine is 5.13.04 so it's supposed to be something like that and it has to be old bootrom to be untethered.

    She upgraded to stock IOS 5? If so I do not believe you can unlock. I think the baseband would have been upgraded.

    I'm not sure if you can downgrade to the ipad baseband. One of the experts on here should know
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    Apple is signing 4.1 for 3G and 3GS , with that in mind, two method to restore to 4.1.
    You let apple verify your restore so your hosts file must not be pointed at cydia server . You can set it manually or use tiny umbrella to set it back
    You can verify your restore using TSS server but you have to download the blob and at the same time hosts has to be set towards cydia server to avoid conflicts.
    If you are restoring to custom fw of 4.1 , pwned dfu mode is needed for iTunes to accept custom fw.

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    Thank you both, I did get it working and ended up having to use sn0wbreeze to build the 4.1 ipsw, use ireb to get it into DFU mode, itunes to restore and finally redsn0w to install the ipad baseband so tmobile could work

    Thanks again, without all the info I gathered throughout the forums here I'd still be totally lost

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    Glad the info helped. The detailed downgrading info helped me too.

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    Default iphone 3gs bricked?
    hi. I try to help friend to fix his iphone 3gs after update to 5.0.iphone cannot activate,cannot read Sim card and stay searching after I restore to 4.1 and all so iphone no wifi,no IMEI#,no blue tooth,no ICCID and no modem firmware(base band).I try to re flash with IPAD base band still not show.
    need help maybe some one know how to fix it. try to re update to deference firmware all way get error 3194 from iTunes.

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