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Thread: Beware of data charges!!!

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    Default Any suggestions on how to cut data charges?
    I'm on unlimited minutes plus (loyalty), 300 messages (use under 100) Data Unlimited (use under 0.2G) for a total of $79+

    ILD Bar Sub Level $0.00 (don't know what this is)
    Msg Value Bundle 300 $4.99
    SmrtPh Web Only Unl $24.99
    Unlimited Loyalty $49.99

    I wanted to bump down to the monthly limit of 2g data (unlimited phone and 2G data for $59), but they said I'd have to sign a 2 year contract. I don't want to do that, and have been OFF contract for years. Is there any way you know that I could do better?


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    [QUOTE=MrWHOx;6319250]You got played. You were too blunt when you asked for a block. You should have asked them to "prevent this from happening again" or something along those lines. Don't speak as if you know what's going on. Speak as an ignorant customer who uses WiFi at home, nothing else.

    Well, it's probably too late now. They make note of everything that happens during a customer service call, so it's all on record. Hopefully, the next time you call, you'll get someone that's new or lenient.

    Correct. AT&T pulled out of the FCC review and is in the talks of splitting T-Mo (along with the band spectrum) with some weak telecommunications company to please the damn government about not turning into a monopoly or something.

    I know it's an old thread but I thought I'd update you. Two years later and still with TMO. I have 4 phones, 2 iPhones, an android and a bb. All unlimited talk and text, 2 lines with unlimited 4g data and the other 2 have 1/2 gig of data. With my corp discount, I pay exactly $140/ month and don't have to worry about any data charges.

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    That's AMAZING! I would like to have phone and Wifi on iPhone, plus at least one other phone (I like to use an old clam shell). I am only one person and I would like to have that covered at minimum and would like to add service to an iPad (maybe). What do you suggest I say when I talk to them? And what's the cheapest I should get for that?

    I plan to buy _their_ iphone instead of messing around with jailbreaking, and I'm hoping I'll get better phone.

    I'm only using my clamshell, and now use my jailbroken iPhone ONLY as Wifi Computer, because the phone/sound was terrible.

    Thanks for your input!

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    In the settings of the iphone you can just turn cellular data off and just use wifi only that way you can't get charged at all
    Quote Originally Posted by ggab View Post
    So my wife has had an iPhone on T-Mobile for several years. She's a casual user so she's never wanted a data plan. I noticed that my last bill was about $17 higher than normal. She was getting charged for data!! She never got anything that asked her if she agreed to this and of course we didn't know about it. I guess it's some pay for what you use BS. I looked at the data usage and it's a ton of instances that use a tiny amount of data so it's the phone checking email or some app doing it in the background.

    I called T-Mobile and they refused to credit the charges. I asked for the "manager" and he wouldn't either. I've been with them for over 5 years and am not on contract and they don't seem to care to lose me as a customer. I've left a message with their "Executive Support Line" to see if they'll do anything. If nothing there I'll go to the BBB.

    Check your bills guys if you don't have a data plan and use the iPhone on T-Mobile!!

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    My error
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