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Thread: FREE: FaceTime, iMessage, & Push Activation on iOS 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by shahzad_ashraf30 View Post
    im facing same problem and tried everything written on the forums but cudnt do anything, revert to lockdown in sam end saying "STOCKIFICATION FAILURE".
    Try reinstall SAM. I got this failure too.

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    Tried reinstalling Sam to many time now it just loads a black screen and freeze and doesn't install no more bummer

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    Default about push settings
    hi, I'm joe,
    i use an iphone 4 ios 5.0.1 untethered jb, i tried to fix my push with SAM, everything worked only that auto detect can't detect my phone's carrier and as a result itunes tells me it can't activate my fon cos of unknown sim. i don't know my phone's carrier too. please help, i rly need my push.

    Quote Originally Posted by n00neimp0rtant View Post
    If you can't get these services working on your iPhone with T-Mobile, it's not actually because you have T-Mobile; it's because your phone isn't properly activated. This tutorial will show how to properly activate your phone using a free tool in Cydia called SAM.

    UPDATE: I have confirmed this trick does not work with a SIM unlock (gevey, etc.) I don't know why, but it only works with ultrasn0w unlockers.

    Before you start
    • This guide assumes your phone is both out of jail and unlocked.
    • You will have to reboot your phone at least one time. If you're tethered, make sure you are at a computer before you start.
    • Make sure you have SBSettings installed and assigned to status bar swiping. If you mess something up, sometimes it will kick you to the PC-Free set-up screen, and the only way out of it is hacktivation or SBSettings.
    • International text messages are used to activate FaceTime and iMessage. This means that if you have a few extra bucks on your next cell phone bill, don't whine to me. Consider this (and the messages iOS will actually give you during this process) to be your only warning.

    Here we go
    1. Add the source to Cydia.
    2. Install SAM.
    3. Open SAM and go into utilities.
    4. Press the button to revert your lockdownd to stock (I forget what the button is actually labeled).
    5. Tap "De-activate iPhone," then tap "Regenerate SIM."
    6. Go back to the main page in SAM.
    7. Under the "Subscriber Artificial Module" section, turn "Enabled" to ON. (If "Hacktivate" is available, make sure it is OFF.)
    8. Disable iMessage and FaceTime if they are already turned on.
    9. Reboot your phone.
    10. When your phone is done booting, connect it to your computer. iTunes will give you an error regarding updating carrier settings. If you get this error, SAM is working correctly.
    11. Open Settings and turn on FaceTime. You should get a popup warning you about possible SMS charges. Accept it.
    12. It can take up to 5 minutes for FaceTime to activate, and it usually takes at least 1. Be patient. After it activates, do the same with iMessage.
    13. Under "Subscriber Artificial Module," turn "Enabled" to OFF.
    14. Respring or reboot (reboot to be safe, but respring worked okay for me).
    15. If your stuff activated successfully, make SURE you go into SAM > Utilities > Backup Activation. If you ever have to restore, your official, non-hacktivated, wildcard, fully-legitimate, T-Mobile activation will be available for restore.

    How does it work
    Think of activation as the process of your phone getting to know a little about you and your carrier so it feels more comfortable, much like an introduction and friendly handshake Hacktivation forces the phone to skip this step, so while it will still work, it won't know exactly how to do some carrier-specific things. (These "things" do NOT include data APNs, MMS proxies, etc. Those are in another tutorial.) Now, as its name suggests, SAM is a piece of software crafted to step in an "inject" a virtual SIM card into your phone that it would normally see as legitimate. This way, your phone can activate normally, and you don't have to go waste money on a dummy AT&T SIM just to get your phone activated the right way. Once activated, your phone can receive all kinds of other "certificates" to enable functionality that might otherwise be restricted. These aren't just limited to iMessage and FaceTime; push notifications and YouTube rely on certificates to be validated for use.

    In other words: if you have an AT&T SIM on hand, you don't have to mess with SAM at all--just activate the phone normally and all of your push-related services should activate correctly.

    Here are two screenshots I took of my ultrasn0w-unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile. I did not use PushFix, Push Doctor, MiTime, etc. for this; they activated "naturally" after I repaired my phone's activation with the help of SAM.
    Attachment 550944 Attachment 550945

    "FactoryActivated" refers to hacktivation. "WildcardActivated" refers to real activation, and is the only kind that will work for valid retrieval of push certificates involved with FaceTime and iMessage. Go into SAM > More Information and see what your ActivationState is. If it says FactoryActivated, just start over from the beginning. If it says WildcardActivated, make sure that "Enabled" is set to OFF under "Subscriber Artificial Module" in the root view in SAM preferences, then reboot. If you're STILL having problems, just reply here and I'll see what I can do to help.

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    Default This method isn't working for me...
    I've tried many times to no avail. I'm thinking the next step is to redo the phone from scratch. Here is what I've done thus far...

    Used Pwnage Tool to create ipsw and activate phone. After jailbreak, I had to put my AT&T SIM into phone to activatethough. Phone appeared to not be hackivated. Then I popped in T-Mobile SIM. Push, iMessage, FaceTime not working. Under phone My Number is Unknown. In iTunes I get n/a for Phone Number. If I pull out SIM then put it back in I can re-input phone number. Also noticed that I have to either have carrier bundle set to ATT_US or set to Auto Detect for iTunes to activate phone. If I have T-Mobile selected then iTunes tells me I have unrecognized SIM. Once Auto Detect is set then in SAMprefs I'm WildCard activated. I've tried SAMprefs several times to no avail.

    What could I be doing wrong? Are there any other ways of achieving this without the use of SAM?

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    Default Wildcard Activation Failed
    I used SAM to successfully change the status to "Wildcard Activated" however push notifications and Imessage still don't work, and there is no "waiting for activation or anything. I have an iphone 3GS unlocked 06.15.00 baseband for a Virgin Mobile Canada sim card. I followed the SAM steps, but when I tried to selected the method by bundle name, the Bell bundle, which in settings says my phone is on, caused it to fail. Then I tried Rogers Canada and it worked fine for some reason, now saying that it has been wildcard activated. I reset the phone, synced with itunes, turned enabled to "off" in SAM, but still nothing. Phone still works and everything but iMessage won't work. Any tips?

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    Ok so my activation status under more info is activated not wildactivated, I'm on 5.0.1 BB 4.11.08 and I just unlocked it using the new SAM method but my push settings (FaceTime and iMessage and Facebook etc) don't work. I tried hitting the clear push button it just breaks the unlock . The unlock method I use is iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 Has Been Unlocked! Unlock iPhone 4 Now! (Guide) | Maypalo

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    Does anyone know if this will work on 5.1.1? It works on my iPhone 4 on 5.0.1 BB 1.59.00.

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