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Thread: T-Mobile Visual Voicemail WIP (Yes, it will work...)

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    Default T-Mobile Visual Voicemail WIP (Yes, it will work...)
    This is a work in progress. (cross-posted from - please close that topic!)
    I actually did get a lot of things to work...
    Wish I could test my Carrier Bundle for this, but Dev-Team delayed 02.10.04 unlock and I sold my 3GS

    Test it out using the!
    1. To start, turn off Wi-Fi. You can only connect to the voicemail IMAP server over EDGE.
    2. Make sure you have the Visual Voicemail service activated on your account (go to Web2go from Safari)
    3. Send the following SMS message to the number "122": "Activate:dt=6" (without quotes)
    4. You will receive a response from "129" that looks like this:
      //VVM:STATUS:st=R;;ipt=143;[email protected];pw=#######;rc=0;lang=1|2|3|4;g_len=180;vs_len=10;pw_len=4-7
    5. Note your username (u=) and password (pw=)
    6. Go set up a new mail account with "" as the IMAP server (no SSL), your username, and your password. Pick any SMTP server
    7. Open the Inbox on this account and go see your voicemails

    You might receive text messages from "121" or "129" when you receive a new voicemail, the phone should take these messages as triggers to update the VVM database (but I don't have an unlocked phone to work on ATM >__<). If you want it off, the deactivation message is: "Deactivate:dt=6" or you can reboot the phone and they should stop.

    I'm working on a Carrier Bundle for native Phone app support, but I can't do anything until dev team releases the i4 02.10.04 unlock!
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    Interesting stuff. I was working on getting this to work waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back when, like on iPhone OS 1.x

    At that time, I didn't think T-Mobile had a VVM server, so I was trying to implement my own. The fact that it's just an IMAP server makes things interesting. As for "can't connect over wifi", I have that same issue going on with using mms. The hostname doesn't resolve when connected to wifi. I'm thinking I need to force name resolution of this private hostnames somehow. Once resolved, if you have an edge connection you should still be able to get there. If it's a default gateway problem, then it's just plain silly.

    UNLESS - unless VVM has it's own equivalent to MMS Proxy. doesn't appear to be accessible from outside of T-Mobile's network, so it isn't as though that IP is going to allow you to proxy into T-Mobile's network. ???

    I'll look into this a bit more later. FWIW, the MMS Proxy IP isn't (at least in my case) on the same network segment as my edge interface, because right now I have a 25.161/16 address.

    For me, doesn't even resolve. Probably because I'm on the APN. Willing to bet you can only access from the APN. In either case, it seems I need the phone to somehow capture the default gateway when on pdp_ip0, and when en0 goes live and sets a default gateway, also set a route for bound for pdp_ip0's route. One would think this would happen automatically though...???
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    This is awesome. Good job! However, don't reinvent the wheel with your own bundles. Add the necessary changes to the T-Mobile USA Carrier Bundles project.
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    I would love to see this working properly, in an easy to install bundle
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    I have also worked on VVM but never got it to work because I could not figure out the activation code necessary to send to T-Mobile. iPhones expect it to work from the start without activation on the customer's end. I do not know of a way to tell the VVM app the send the activation code automatically. I could attempt to dump the VVM app and look for strings to see if there are any configuration entries to tell it to send the activation code. If you wish, I can create a VVM branch for you to fork or test.
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    Has anyone gotten this to work. I have and unlocked 3G iphone, enabled visual vm on tmo but can't get it to work. Any help?

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    Yes, it's a WIP. I've been sitting on this for a few months now. I'd say I'm about 80% there.


    • Cannot delete message(s) from VVM client (app crashes)
    • Cannot call back due to "Unknown" identity
    • Cannot be setup the official carrier way; certain settings files need to be changed

    Other than that, it works.

    When there is no data connection, this is what appears:

    Once the data connection returns, new messages are pushed:

    "Unknown" issue, but the messages play:

    Notice the buffering while playing:

    Changing the password via the client works as well:

    "Activate:dt=6" did not work for me; nothing happened. "Activate:dt=3", however, got me a quick, yet empty, reply from "122".
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    Both of these issues are server-related (T-Mobile).

    The crashing is due to the table updating (numbers aren't matching). The "Unknown" is due to something not updating the voicemail database.

    I manually edited the database. Of course, you'd want the database updated after every message is received (no, that's not a real number).

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    dang i have VVM turned on but the sms is not coming back with a user/pass to anything. looks fun keep us posted
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    There's now a tweak that integrates the YouMail external visual voicemail service into the Phone app... | YouMail - kinda different, but might be worth checking out as an alternate method.

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    Or you could just dl youmail from ciydia for free

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    I dont wanna use youmail. I just wanna use th VVM thats on the phone already. Has anyone gotten this to work lately??

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    YouMail isn't as good. It crashes on mine and it doesn't tell me when I have a new voicemail. I have to manually check.
    If I helped thank me!

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    Yea youmail is a bad idea. Its good in theory but never told me that i had received voice mails when i had missed calls. I missed out on two VERY important messages.

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    Besides i am on Flexpay and i can't use Youmail.

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    @Lecram25, @ssdsnake and everyone else - are you still working on this?

    A couple days ago, T-Mobile started officially offering limited support for iPhone users. I called 611 to ask about visual voicemail on the iPhone and was connected to an awesome woman in tech support who was very interested in helping me. She switched on visual voicemail for my account and was enthused about discussing the possibility with me. She even sent a text to their "resident iPhone genius" to see if she could get more info.

    She basically said that once they turn VVM on, if it can work, it should start working. I thought it might take a special carrier bundle to trigger VVM on the phone. She acknowledged this was a possibility and said that I or another "evil genius" would have to try that ourselves.

    So I'm wondering what the current state of this project is? Is anyone still working on it? From my conversation the other day, it seems like T-Mobile tech support would be happy and excited to help, now that they're officially allowed to.

    Let's make it happen!
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    I too am still waiting. The method that is talked about on this thread does not work at all.

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    The method in this thread does work. The problem is that the iPhone is currently filtering the message being received from T-Mobile.

    What you will need is a feature (dumb) phone to send the "Activate:dt=6" SMS/text message to "122". A Blackberry will work. What you will receive back is exactly what ssdsnake posted. I did notice a change though; the password range went from 4-7 to 4-9. Not a big deal though. Make sure to call T-Mobile and ask them to enable VVM (it's free). If you currently have the $5.99 T-Zones and attempt to modify your account via that link, you will lose T-Zones and will have to fight to get it back. Calling customer service is your safest bet.

    Something to note: I can no longer get VVM working in the native app. I do, however, have VVM coming in through the mail app along with the dot on the phone app and a new voicemail notification.

    Someone needs to get in touch with saurik in an effort to apply his mobilesubtrate "magic" to the native voicemail app in the same manner as he did with YouMail. I've tried getting in touch with him (email, telephone, and IRC) but never get a reply back.

    This feature alone is one of the pillars that this phone was built upon and is the single most feature that has been missing since day one (*glances at my original iPhone covered in dust*). I believe this is even more important now than ever as T-Mobile has seriously done everything they can to get this phone to work on their network.

    I mean really, refarming [a majority of] 1900 MHz (PCS) from GSM to HSPA+ 42 Mbps in an effort to make their network even more compatible with pretty much any UMTS (W-CDMA, HSPA, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA+) device? What an amazing company!

    No AT&T iPhone gets this kind of speed. Not to mention the EV-DO Rev. A twins:

    EDIT: Roadmap:

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    Will try this with a blackberry.

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    Is there a way to have the Iphone not filter the message?
    I'm on a Iphone 4 (microsim) so I cant easily swap to a feature(dumb) phone

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