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Thread: Correct mms settings after adding 9.99 web2go plan

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    Default Correct mms settings after adding 9.99 web2go plan
    Hi I just added my 9.99 web2go plan on my ip4 and when I type in in the apn everything works. Except my mms.

    The mms worked before I added web2go

    My mms apn is and the rest if from the tmobile mms fix for ios4 from the sinful repo

    What settings do I use now to get my mms working with my web2go plan?


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    you have iphone 4? make sure wait for a day to two and see if still working, because i have iphone 4 i did added web2go plan and it works only for half a day and i still couldn't get MMS working. and if you have iphone 4 and with both working please help me with ur apn setting and if possible tell me step by step of what u did. thank you =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by thecortezfam6 View Post
    do i need to input any more settings under MMS than just the APN?
    and do i need to install a certain package?

    i have the edge working with, but my MMS won't work anymore.

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    my friend has iphone 4. And the for MMS apn doesnt work for him anymore, so he change it to (exactly as data apn) and it worked. Send and receive!
    iPhone 4 32GB. Jailbroken!

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    I hope this works for me I'm going to have to try it out thanks

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    Same problem. Is you wabt MMS, you HAVE to change bith apn's to epc. If u just want internet, change it to epc. Its the only solution i found right noe

    Ok for cellular data it should be internet2. For mms it should be wap. Worked for me
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    okay so i have the web2go 10$ per month EDGE plan on my iphone 4 on Tmobile.

    i have in my DATA APN and my EDGE works fine.

    but now my MMS won't work.
    so i tried inputting into the MMS APN.
    i sent an MMS to my own numbr and it sent.

    the only problem was i didnt receive it.
    any ideas?

    Quote Originally Posted by istorm View Post
    my friend has iphone 4. And the for MMS apn doesnt work for him anymore, so he change it to (exactly as data apn) and it worked. Send and receive!
    only send works. not receieve.
    could you send me the exact settings your friend has in both DATA and MMS in cellular data network?
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    I'm also having problems with my web2go plan.
    EDGE is working fine but my MMS is NOT.
    I had a pre-paid account with T-Mobile before and MMS was working but after I upgraded to web2go...MMS stopped working.

    Have you found a workaround for this?

    I have on my cellular data but I can't get any MMS settings to work. I've tried all possible combinations. NOTHING!

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    I have iphone 4 and my data is and my mms is I'm able to send mms but not receive. I've tried the mms fix in cydia and still it's not working. Please help!! Thanks!

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