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Thread: Is There a Problem or Setting Change for TMobile Edge

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    Default Is There a Problem or Setting Change for TMobile Edge
    I can't get my Edge working on my iPhone 3G today. It worked fine up until today but I can't get it to work today and it still has the E icon in the corner.

    Does anyone know of any issue with TMobile's Edge today or know if they may of changed APN settings or something?

    Is anyone else experiencing an Edge outage? I live in Michigan

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    I've been experiencing some outage and lag time, but it may be an ioslated case in some areas.

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    Still not working. Anyone else having any issues? Can anyone here help me try to get this resolved? I don't know what else to do. As far as I know nothing has changed on my end.

    I am using

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    im in texas and im using for the cell data part and i have the iphone4 with 4.0.1 and everything works for me!

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    For how long has everything worked for you? Did you try rebooting or connecting to wifi and then back to edge and it worked?

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    Forever until yesterday. And I never used, I use

    I got it working using but as soon as I leave safari it stops working and I have to turn the phone off and back on again to get it to work.

    I can't believe there aren't a ton of other people having this same issue. I have the same phone, the same software, unlock and jailbreak the same way as thousands of other people I'm sure, hard to believe I'm the only one.

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    I think everyone is having this issue... they are just finding it out as we go.

    I switched my plan on t-mobile from blackberry data to Smarthphone web data. Still keeps kicking me off.
    It works for an hour or so when i take the sim out and put it back in... then turns off again.

    I'm not sure what the problem is. The settings stay in there and i updated the ipcc file... still crap.

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    my wife and i are having the same issue, it just started yesterday. i hope tmobile didnt figure out how to block it. if anyone figures it out please post.

    i was playing with it. i have always used for years with no problem. i switched to and it works great. i tested the speed and it is twice the speed as it used to be.
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    Still no help for this? I can get into Safari and view one page and that's it. I can't view any other pages, I can't get email to download, nothing.

    Does anyone know if TMobile is blocking iOS4 or something? Has anyone had this same problem and get Edge working again? H-E-L-P

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    I have been having the same issue since the unlock. I believe it's something to do with carrier bundles. Everythime I reboot my phone edge stops working. So what I do is pop the sim out and pop it back in. After that edge works till next reboot. It's a pain in the *** but it works for now. :/

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    I had the same problem with my phone before I went to 4.0.1 and unlocked. I did that on Friday, my Edge stopped working sometime between Wednesday and Thursday morning when I was still on 3.1.2. doesn't work for me at all, only works for one safari visit. So pissed right now. I can't believe nobody has any answers to this to help people out.

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    Default Same issue
    I also have the same issue with the one page thing.

    iPhone 3GS 4.0.1

    Could it be possible that,, and are down?

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    I have just changed my setting to try to get pictures on the MMS settings and am having no trouble with the Edge. I have been able to navigate to several pages even though it's been slower than molasses in January!! I have Wi-Fi on but here at work you need the password to use it and I don't have access to the password so I rely on the Edge when I need it.
    Yvonne in SLC, UT

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    MMS is the least of my worries at this point. I need to be able to check my email which I cannot do right now. If I can't this resolved I am gonna have to jump ship to ATT or something and bite the bullet.

    I just can't believe there are only a few people reporting this issue. That's what really bothers me, if it's my phones I want to know so I can investigate it and try to fix it with a patch or whatever. If it's a network issue I need to know also so I can get a different carrier and sell these phones.

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    @TheSpread, I had the same issue as you and got it fixed by following the first sticky:

    Solution: IPCC

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    Can you post a link to the post that has the actual solution? there are over 100 pages in there and I have been thru 6 and still haven't found how to actually fix this. Could you at least tell me what page it's on or post the solution in here or something?

    Thanks for your help! I appreciate it

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    Very first post. I thought the same thing too that there were too many pages.

    Read the Installation part and watch the video.


    Download the IPCC

    Read the README.txt (I'll assume you're using a PC for now)

    Quit iTunes

    Extract your account type's ipcc (I used Standard, but read up on it)

    Go to Run and input the special iTunes thing (It's in the txt)

    Connect iPhone and open iTunes

    Press Shift + click on Check for Updates

    Select the IPCC and wait for completion

    Reboot phone

    Test the EDGE

    If it doesn't work, go to Setting - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings (I had to do this, probs because I previously manually inputted APN stuff)

    EDGE should work now

    Again, just read the first post and everything should be fine ^^ Good Luck


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    So, how is this for bizarre.

    I just went to do this and I started by resetting my network settings. After a reboot the Edge works. However, I went into the cellular data tab and there are no settings for the APN. WTF

    So, my Edge didn't work when I had the right settings in there. I reset the settings and leave everything blank and Edge works.

    I really wish Apple would break this deal with ATT.

    Thanks for your help though, I appreciate it. I thought I was talking to myself for a couple days.

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    Yeah, I don't have anything in my APN now

    Just wait till like Jan. 2011 when Verizon will be signing on

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    Ok sweet. Have you checked your bill lately for usage? I saw some people talking about some crazy charges?

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