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Thread: Is MMS possible on 2g running 3.1.3???

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    Quote Originally Posted by aznviethomie View Post
    Hi i cant seem to find legacy in cydia. i searched it but nothing showed up. can anyone help me with installing this?

    Try searching for "T-Mobile US - Postpaid"

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinistersai4d View Post
    Try searching for "T-Mobile US - Postpaid"
    i tired that too, no bundles came up. can you please tell me the source repository that file is located in? thanks.

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    I didn't see one listed. I'll email u a screenshot.

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    So im having an issue of not being able to find the "Legacy" bundle in Cydia. Is it no longer available? Im trying to fix the mms on a 2g, and all posts lead to donwloading "Legacy" any help here please? :/

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    It's still there. When I type in legacy it comes up as tmobile us postpaid. I don't know the source and it doesn't say in the details screen, but I only have sinfuliphonerepo and installed.

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    hmm idk, i have the sinful repo, and all the stock one like modmyi and bigboss, but that bundle just wont show up! im lost at what to do anymore.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    I think the bundle is on the repo. The author is SpookyET. Also check out the post that's stickied at the beginning of this forum. It's got all the instructions and location for the bundles.

    Hope this helps.

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    I installed the activate mms package for 3.1.3 from The phone rebooted and there is no place for mms settings. I figured I would uninstall it and try again but when I try and run cydia it just crashes. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

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    Try being on wifi. Try syncing with iTunes before rebooting also. Try running cydia without the sim installed. Try restoring from an iTunes backup.

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    @sdoo25 , thanks for telling me about that stickied link, it worked perfectly now with the legacy ipcc! , thank you! & thank you sinistersai4d for helping too! :]

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    6 months later I've tried several different methods for 2g 3.1.3 mms, the closest I got was to use the sinful repo, but that hasn't worked either, I can use ssh and mobile terminal if anyone has any new suggestions?

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    Default little help plz
    I followed
    Originally Posted by hobotronics View Post
    In cydia go to the manage tab then to sources.
    Hit edit on the top right, then add will pop up.
    Add the source like this:
    then wait.

    Go back to manage/sources and hit the smart-mobile source to browse it.
    Activate mms (2g) 3.1.3 should be right on top.
    Install it, reboot iphone, go to settings/general/network/cellular data network and you should see your mms settings available now.
    Fill out like this:

    username: leave it blank
    password: leave it blank
    mms: proxy
    mms: max message size 614400
    mms: ua prof url


    That should do it!

    all installed,but I get to about 90 percent.Then it fails to send

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    i know for me to get legacy to show up in cydia i had to use it as a hacker you know how when you first start cydia it gives 3 choices of what kind of user you are and i had to change mine to hacker and then legacy showed up

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    I have updated my source URL add this for my new source

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    I just got my Iphone 2g have 3.1.3 on it,(unlocked, jailbroken with Cydia) I followed all the instructions to the EXACT, and I was able to get the MMS settings to show up, but I have no camera icon in my messages, and I even went to my photos and it only allows me to send by email?? Any Ideas? Im new to the iphone and would appreciate any help.

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    Default Ok found the correct settings!
    I used the new package from bbyscroopy with the following info in cellular data mms section and same problem as befor...gets to about 90% and fails... Am I missing something basic here?




    Ok through much trial and error I found settings that work they are as follows:
    APN: <----
    (Choose the correct APN depending on what kind of account you have)

    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Max Message Size: 1048576
    MMS UA Prof URL:

    I used the 2g 3.1.3 patch provided by bbyscroopy (thank you) and it works 100% make sure these settings are entered EXACTLY as shown or it will NOT work, thanK you to everyone on this thread who helped!
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    I still cant get my camera icon to show up. I don't know what else to do.

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    Do you have an SMS theme? Maybe try turning all your themes off, then re-install and reboot? My other iPhone did a similar thing and that's how I resolved it, now I have a little plus sign next to the message field, hope this help!

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