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Thread: FlexPays $10.00 unlimited web add-on?

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    Question FlexPays $10.00 unlimited web add-on?
    hello everybody,

    I know this has been discussed before and I read through various posts here and anywhere else I found online, but I am still not sure about a few things:

    Does anybody know what exactly the difference is between the (monthly) Flex Pay plan for $39.99 (500min, unlimited weekends + texts) + $10.00 added-on unlimited web from the "add service" section VS the plan for $59.99 that states the exact same, just somehow it's $10.00 more expensive?

    I have been told different things. a tmobile rep said that the $59.99 one would work for a smartphone and the add-on $10.00 one wouldn't at all, something about other gateways... and for an iphone neither would work, because its not a tmobile phone and I'd have to use the $30 data plan (of course they would HAVE to say that!!! lol)

    BUT then I have read about people that have either working, some said by changing the APN, some didn't have to change anything, it just worked, so I am very confused...

    if anybody, who knows what they are talking about could explain to me why this seems to work for some, but tmobile claim it won't, I would be more than happy and this thread can be deleted by a moderator again, because I am aware it is quite redundant...

    Ive just been trying to get a hang of it and I feel like there are too many cooks in the kitchen in my brain! :-/

    I have 3G, 3.1.2 btw...

    thank you in advance for any help, I really appreciate it and I am sorry I am beating a dead horse!!!


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    Here's an easy solution. Get the Even More Plus Plan. Check out the site, get what you need (minutes wise and texting or not) and then for the unlimited web, you can select any phone that looks "basic" (I selected a simple candy bar phone) through your online account then add yourself on the services section the 9.99 web2go option. TMo says it won't work but it does, cuz I have it.

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    hey thanks, yeah that was my plan to begin with! I was just curious as to why it seems to work for some and for some it doesn't...

    and why tmobile is offering 2 different plans with the exact same service, but a $10 difference... it just seems really odd to me and I hoped someone maybe knew what funky stuff was going on there, since the one tmob rep said the $10 add on was only for phone-first phones and the plan for $60 including unlimited web to begin with was for smartphones, but nothing like that is specified anywhere in the details of the plan...

    anyways, thanks, I hope it will work for me as well!

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    I have an even more plan with the $10 unlimited web addon. It's not working and when I called tmobile they said it is because that is not a smartphone plan and I need to get the $30 data plan for smartphones. How do you get it to work? The apn they had given me was

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    my mom has the $10 unlim web addon. the apn is, it took about a full day for it to begin working on her 3g.

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