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Thread: Question about buying new 3gs

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    Default Question about buying new 3gs
    I'm hoping I can get some guidance on this. I've been using the 2G iPhone on T-Mobile since the very first unlock and I'm finally ready to upgrade to the 3GS. I have a good friend ready to do the same. I've been looking around, trying to find the best price for 2 new 3gS phone and the following scenario is what I'm considering now. Any feedback would be great.

    1) Sign up for a single line and purchase my 16GB 3GS. $200.
    2) Go back a few days later and purchase another 16GB 3GS for the same line. I think this falls under the category of a non-eligible upgrade and should put me back $400.
    3) After 30 days, cancel the contract and pay the $175 ETF.
    4) Get my first bill and pay my airtime $40 and my data $30 plus activation $36 plus taxes ~$25.

    Total out of pocket
    Total=~906 Divided by 2 iPhones = ~453 per phone.

    What do you think?

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    Won't they get suspicious that you just bought an iPhone with a plan and you're suddenly upgrading your phone with the same model? I believe without any sort of upgrade discount the iPhone 3Gs 16GB is actually $600. I dunno lol the whole buy a phone then immediately upgrade thing would be fishy to me if I were them.

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    Why get 2 lines? Maybe I missed something in your initial post, but I would just worry about getting the phone for myself. Also, from what I have read abroad, if you plan on going this not just think that you will pay the numbers you have figured and calculated out. ALWAYS have extra money for taxes, pro-rated charges, etc.
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    Yeah, I definitely agree about expecting extra money needed for taxes, charges, etc. That's one reason I'm hoping to go this route where it's based on just one line of service instead of a family plan, where there are 2 lines and thus twice as much opportunity to charge me extra fees.

    As for the immediate purchase being fishy, I sort of agree, but if I buy the original at Apple store and the second at say Walmart, then it would just be whatever is in the computer as far as upgrade eligibility. From what I've read so far, you can buy an iPhone without contract for $600, or extend your contract another 24 months and pay the non-upgrade eligible price of $400.

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    you could easily sell your 2g, and spend a little less, and just get both from craigslist.

    or if you really want to do your plan. i'd go buy a 3gs from att, come back a few days later saying you dropped it in the toilet, and it isn't working. you'd like to buy another one because you NEED one for work, ASAP. They'll probably give you the most discounts they can. (from experience, leave the phone your claiming is broken, in the car, turned off, last time i went to tmobile to do a similar plan, my phone rang in my backpack, as i was telling the lady i dropped it in a lake lol)
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