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Thread: Push Notif.

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    Default Push Notif.
    I've been digging through some threads, reading posts in other forums, and I cant seem to see if I can get something to work which is Push Notifications. All the guides I read have been doing it with Jailbroken iPhones.

    I was wondering, is there anyway I can fix Push Notifications without jailbreaking my phone?

    I have: 2G iPhone 3.0 FW, Unlocked/Not Jailbroken.

    Thanks in advance.

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    So your phone isn't hacktivated?
    I don't see why Push wouldn't be working for you then.
    Do you have a data plan? is it turned on in settings?
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    Yes, it hasnt been working for me at all. I was really excited for this feature.

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    why dont you jailbreak it? my push has been working fine (3gs using redsn0w)

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    I think you had jailbroke your iphone with Pwnage Tool and uncheck Cydia and Icy and just check unlock this phone and had load the bootloader..

    SO IN other words your phone is hactivated

    The only way to get push working on your phone 100% is to get a ATT sim card(with data or no data or dont even work) rejail break your phone this time DONT CHECK ACTIVATE THIS PHONE with pwnage tool.. and just restore and activate with itunes.. then pop that sim out and put your t-mobile sim in

    Thats how my friend does it and thats how i did it on my 3G..but i havent even heard any news about 2G push not working
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    Quote Originally Posted by babyblue_pimp View Post
    why dont you jailbreak it? my push has been working fine (3gs using redsn0w)
    How did you get push working on your 3GS? I was able to do it with my 3G using PwnageTool but redsn0w didn't have the same options you needed in PwnageTool to make it work with the ATT SIM method.

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