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Thread: Problem with busy signal / not receiving calls?

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    Default Problem with busy signal / not receiving calls?
    My phone had been working fine for weeks, but lately when anyone tries to call they just get a busy signal. I can make outgoing calls fine and sometimes after doing a reset I can receive calls for a little while, but it always goes back to busy. If the phone is off sometimes it is still busy or goes right to voicemail. I tried using my nextsim card again, but no difference. I can put my simcard back in my razr and of course everything works again. Text messages also come through fine. Just wondered if anyone else was experiencing this issue or one like it?
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    I'm having the same problem. I notice that when you auto locks go on all calls go to vm. I miss a lot of calls b/c the min the auto locks go on or if I lock the phone it does not ring and just goes to vm. I tried resetting all settings but not working.

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    Same here, I tried restoring in 1.1.3 & 1.1.4 many times, no luck (iJailbreak 0.5.4). I've also tried with another SIM, same problem. It answers only if awaken or within 1 minute of sleep. I'm so depressed. I bought it as a gift to my wife; I feel so sad !
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    I assume that you have tried setting/general/reset all settings. And that didnt work? If so then I would try using itunes to restore to a clean 1.1.3 restore file (not one that you created from your phone). then use ziphone to unlock, jailbreak, activate. I'm curious as to what version of itunes you have? Did you ever use a sim card type unlocker like the post before you mentioned, just curious. If that doesnt work then redo it once again repeating the reinstalling of 1.1.3 maybe some file residue remained.

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    Smile No wake problem
    I did try setting/general/reset all settings, didnt work.
    I use iTunes 7.6.1, on Mac.
    I will try to restore to a clean 1.1.3 (again). I have the ipsw file.
    Then use ziphone to unlock, jailbreak, activate.
    Hum...I've always used iJailbreak. And then infos said 1.1.3 but the 1.1.4 features are enabled (modem is 04.04.05_G).
    Should I use Ziphone instead? I thought they were the same, except for the gui.
    Never used a sim card type unlocker.
    Thanks a lot. I'll provide feedback.
    update: Used Ziphone to refurbish. Restored to 1.1.3 then Ziphone 2.5c Do All, no luck. Did it twice. I'm affraid I got a bad one.
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    I'm having the same problem. One of three things happens:

    Caller calls me and hears "The number you have dialed is not in service"
    Caller calls me and hears a busy signal.
    Caller calls me and hears me, but I cannot hear caller.

    I found it might be an issue with upgrading TMobile's network to 3G:

    Haven't called customer service about it yet.

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    Talking solution
    I found a solution ! Not perfect but works fine.
    I installed a litte app called Insomnia. When activated it allows your programs to run while the iPhone is sleeping, ie. locked. So now my iphone rings.
    I guess it is going to reduce battery span, but no more missed calls!

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    Try disabling Edge and see if that helps. When you are browsing using edge you cannot receive calls (I am pretty sure).

    If that works then what is probably happening is you have a program running in the background that is using your internet. Download sysinfo and look around.

    (Just a guess to what is happening)

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    I found a fix. I'm using a Gevey 3G card to unlock my 3G iPhone. Here's how I started receiving calls on my iPhone again:

    * Remove SIM from iPhone
    * Put it into old phone (T-Mobile KRZR in my case)
    * Send and receive a call
    * Put the SIM back in the iPhone

    I've had to do this once so far (only had my iPhone unlocked for about five days). I suppose I may need to end up doing this every few days. Anyone have any idea what would cause this?

    *** Update ***

    I have to do this 3-4 times a week now. What a pain. I just ordered an i-SMARTPHONE as it supposedly is a newer card that mitigates these issues. Keeping fingers crossed.
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