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Thread: ATT Store

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    Unhappy ATT Store
    Ok I have T-Mo on my iPhone and everything works fine. I went into the ATT store to purchase a car charger (not knowing that walmart had the same thing cheaper) so as I was paying she asked for my mobile number and me not thinking of saying something else i gave her my number. Now when I sync it in itunes, my mobile number no longer shows up. do you think that ***** notified att in some kind of way saying that I was a tmobile customer using a iphone?

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    I would say, very doubtful. You could have given them any number, home, office, landline, whatever. My rule of thumb is if I'm at the apple store, they ask for my number, I say I don't have one yet, like I haven't yet activated my phone. Or, "I don't feel comfortable giving out that information."
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    the reason she asked for your phone number is probably the same reason why any retail store would ask for your phone number, to collect data on your purchase behaviors, send you coupons, etc, and not to somehow hurt your iphone usage. i mean, can att even do anything to a non-att user? doubt it...

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    I've given the AT&T store my TMO number before that I'm using with my iPhone and everythings still the same, nothings wrong with it...

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    Ya Ive went into a ATT store and bought some stuff but told them they wont find my number in there system because mine is hacked and I stuck with T-Mobile haha.. But when i connect to iTunes sometimes the number doesnt come up but most of the time it does no big deal..
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    At&t will do nothing and there is nothing they can do. Trust me. I work at at&t and the reason we ask for a mobile number is to attach an electronic receipt to your account. That way if you have issues and you need it replaced within your one year warranty you don't have to keep a receipt. And honestly, don't ever get a car charger at walmart. I've seen so many phones with inflated leaking batteries and it is due to cheap car chargers that destroy your phone and void your warranty.

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