hi all, i wasn't sure if anyone else has experienced this strange behavior. try restarting your freshly unlocked 1.1.1 iphones and see if you lose your EDGE settings...here's my story:

using a combination of virginator_10 script and poetic_follly's new guide, i re-unlocked 3 previously unlocked 1.0.2 iphones (that were unlocked per poetic's old 1.0.2 guide) on the t-mobile usa network. 2 use t-mo's $19.99 total internet plan, 1 uses t-mo's $5.99 t-mobileweb proxy hack method.

using 1.0.2 unlock, rebooting these iphones maintain all settings...edge settings appear as they should and never disappear. perfectly functioning!

using 1.1.1 unlock, rebooting these iphones maintain all settings EXCEPT EDGE settings disappear and have to be reinputted after each reboot.

any thoughts?