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Thread: Final word on 5.99 Tzones Hack

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    Default Final word on 5.99 Tzones Hack
    Ok iphone enthusiast I want to share my experience with my current iPhone. I have a 1.1.1 firm unlocked with anysim 8 gig iPhone and "I'm Lovin' IT!!!" I just wish i could get the search to work in You Tube. So I did some test.

    First all those post that says "You tube -OK" should fix their statement because it's partially true. For some reason by design or software the "Featured" tab in You tube works and what i mean by works is you click on a video and it will start to download and as soon as you have about 1/6 of the bar filled you could hit play on the bottom of the screen and it will be pretty good at keeping up with the download. The Most Viewed for me gave me a message that stated "You Tube is not available." it didn't matter if I hit the Today's Most viewed or this week or all. No good. It tried to load but no go. Interesting though is even on the Featured tab i would occasionally see the You Tube is not available but it loads the preview links and works ok. I'm gonna skip bookmarks for now. under the search it doesn't work. and this is where it's to me wierd. when i'm at home in Wifi Everything about You tube app works so I sat there and bookmarked all kinds of video that i searched for and just added it to the bookmarks. then I turned WIFI off so i was on the Tzone network. All the bookmarked videos played fine. No Problem. just the occasional You Tube is not available but it works anyways. there is the last tab of more which has 3 choices Most Recent, Top Rated and History. As you could probably tell the History worked great as it was all the places you had visited already. But interesting again the Most Recent, I guess it's te ones people from around the world just put up works great too.

    Now I'm not a programmer or any thing like that but it seems someone could hack the actual program You Tube app to make all the features work with the Tzone hack.

    I know that it's basically porting all data to 8080 and if streaming video goes through another port it will not work but If I just bookmark all kinds of stuff and it then works through Tzone well... I'm pretty set.

    Thanks for Reading my boring thoughts

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    i thought the same thing, there must be a config file somewhere tellingthe program where to listen and send portwise but then again maybe not if noone has found it
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