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Thread: [Request/Help] GPS Weather Lockscreen

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    Default [Request/Help] GPS Weather Lockscreen
    *I tried the search function and it pulled up a old post about 200 replies long. Seems to be for iOS5*

    Has any successfully made a GPS weather lockscreen for iOS6 if yes could you upload it or tell me the name so I could dissect it?

    I am trying to make Peekly LS have a GPS weather service.

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    Are you looking for something like this

    That is an updated version of Weather Elements v.5.2 by ceibaer.
    Works on iOS 6.1.2 for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5.
    You can find it on MMUS repo (
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    If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. It shows up when i go to iFile and look at the LockBackground, but not on the actual Lockscreen. It says " Invalid Location". Is there something I need to disable? Please Help!!! I've been wanting a version of this LS for awhile but I can never get one to work. TIA

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    Invalid location usually pops up if you use an unknown name.
    I know from someone in Germany who entered his home city, Munich, but Munich in German is München. That caused an Invalid Location. As soon as he entered Munich instead of München it all worked fine.
    Have you tried the GPS instead of entering a location name?
    You do not need MyLocation app or anything else, the Setup page runs the geolocation javascript in the background and saves the latitude/longitude to the database.
    Let me know if that helps, if not let me know where you installed Weather Elements from and what version (iphone 3, 4 or 5).
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    Yes I'm using GPS. If i look at it in iFile in the Lockbackground.html folder, it shows up and looks fine. I installed it from cydia. Weather Elements HD 5.2. I'm using the iPhone 4s. Do I need to turn off the MyLocation app?

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    I am using the 4er version as well on my iPod4 and it works fine.
    Weather Elements does not need MyLocation app at all, that should not have any influence.
    Do you have a /var/mobile/Library/WebKit/Databases/file_0/000000000001.db file? That is the database with all your settings, including GPS coordinates.
    You said it was working fine when running with iFile. Have a look at /var/root/Library/WebKit/Databases/file_0, you will have another database there.
    It is a permission thing. iFile runs as "root" user to have full system access, so when you run the WE Setup page in iFile, then "root" will create a database in its home directory, aka /var/root/...., if you then open the WE LockBackground.html also in iFile it works as well as the LockBackground.html is being opened by "root" (iFile) and there is a database for "root".
    Are you still with me?
    Now if your Lockscreen (Winterboard) opens the WE LockBackground.html it is the "mobile" user doing this. "mobile" user has NO access to files/databases created by "root", so it needs it own, hence the 2 different path for the database location.
    Go to /var/mobile/Library/Webclip, then touch the right hand arrow on the WeatherElements.webclip folder. Set the Apply hierachly to ON, scroll down and set the Owner to "mobile" and Group to "wheel", tap Done.
    Now the "mobile" user has access to create a database from the Setup page on the Home screen.
    But I guess the owner is already "mobile" and the group is "wheel", I set it that way as I was creating that deb file for the repo.
    Only if you deleted the folder and copied it back or renamed it or anything else with either iFile or ifunbox or winscp etc then the permission will change to "root" as all those programs run as root (you log in with root when using sftp), meaning that the "mobile" user will not have access.
    iOS 6 is much more exact regarding permissions/ownership then in previous firmwares.
    Now, worst case senario.
    Deinstall Weather Elements with Cydia (do NOT simply delete the folder, will NOT work!!!!), then delete the /var/mobile/Library/WebKit/Databases folder with iFile.
    Respring and install Weather Elements again with Cydia, respring (do NOT select WE in Winterboard yet), now open the WE Setup page on the home screen and set your settings and save.
    Now you can select WE in Winterboard and respring.
    It will be working now.
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    I am running iOS 6.1.2 on an iphone 5 and changed the permissions as described to /var/mobile/Library/Webclip, this allowed me to use the setup page normally, which previously had resulted in a page with entry fields, blank labels and a non-functioning save button. I selected the gps option, saved the settings, and then resprung my phone and still encountered the invalid location error on the lockscreen. When I go to the db.html through iFile's webviewer and enter and save the settings, and then to the LockBackground.html also through iFile and view it through the webviewer option, the theme loads up right away so I know that the theme works. I just can't seem to get past the invalid location message through the normal lockscreen route. Any assistance to get it working would be greatly appreciated. I have already reset my phone settings 3 times, and tried uninstalling and installing the theme (and deleting the webkit folder) and still get the same results. Thanks!

    Forgot to clarify, that I also needed to change permissions to the /var/mobile/Library/WebKit from root to mobile to get the setup screen to function correctly. I saved the setting and received the message that db.html saved, but I still get the invalid location message when I select Weather Elements HD 5.2 and respring. Maybe its the Permissions settings for each of the folders, because it seems to work fine under root via iFile. If someone has a working copy on an iPhone 5 maybe they could post the permission settings for the folders and subfolders (Theme, Webclip, and Webkit)
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    I don't have an iPhone 5 to test this, but I know that the iPhone 5 version works, because there is an extra "classic" theme, which only exists in the iPhone 5 version, but it was not included in the options. This has been changed by one of the creators. I then uploaded it to the repo and the person with the iPhone 5 confirmed that it was working correctly.
    Could you check that the databases from /var/mobile/Library/WebKit/Databases/file_0/ (normal springboard setup) and /var/root/Library/WebKit/Databases/file_0 (iFile setup) are identical, meaning all fields have values.
    To do this on computer use SQLite Database Browser.
    I can not think of any clear reason why it gives the "Invalid Location" message in Winterboard, but works with the same location name and /or GPS in iFile. That is spooky!
    I had heard before that someone was unable to use any database driven theme in Winterboard, but we never found out what caused it.
    You could try to see if another database driven theme works. Slideshow 6.1 is a very simple LS theme that is database driven, might not look perfect as I did not have an iPhone 5 to test, but it would test if your Winterboard can use database at all.

    I don't know if you understand German, but this is the link to the original thread on a German forum,
    On the last page there is the user "annaloga", who had the same "Invalid Location" problem (not sure which iPhone model).
    It basically came to it that it worked perfect for 2 weeks then it showed "Invalid Location", a reset of all settings solved it, but after installing an ipa (downloaded form the internet) through iTunes and "Invalid Location" was back. A reset of all settings did not work this time, but using an old PKG Backup brought Winter Elements back. It is suggested that the problem could be somewhere in the "preference file", as PKG Backup saves these and other app/tweak installations unintentionally modify those so that WE does not work any more. That, of course, is just a theory!
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    weatherData and lastUpdated have no values in the "mobile" db, otherwise both the mobile and root dbs are identical.

    I installed Slideshow 6.1 and it also did not work through Winterboard, but it did work through iFile. So does this mean I am out of luck with using Weather Elements on my I5? I also have an I4 and Weather Elements works on that device.

    If it is a problem with Winterboard, what other alternative would be available to use this theme? Thanks.
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    OK, it is worth a try, it might work or might not.
    Rename the root db so it has the same name as the mobile db and then copy it into /var/mobile/Library/WebKit/Databases/file_0. Basically replacing the mobile db with 2 missing fields with the "complete" root db. Make sure that the ownership of the newly replaced db file is Owner "mobile" and Group "wheel".
    Then respring and pray that the now complete db will be read by WE.
    Alternatively you also could try to deinstall WE through Cydia and delete the /var/mobile/Library/Databases folder (the database is not part of the WE package). Then respring, power off overnight or so. Next day power back on and at some time install WE again.
    The idea of keeping the power off for a few hours is to clear any potential remains of that package in the memory. This procedure has helped me many times year ago when flashing Motorola's that had persistent flashing errors.

    Regarding the fact that Slideshow 6.1 also did not work suggest that there is something else that interferes with Winterboard when it comes to dealing/reading databases. They work when run outside Winterboard in the case of iFile. Also WE works on your ip4 and I bet Slideshow 6.1 would work on that as well.
    Another possible way to test the ip5 only comes when there is another JB, as I don't think you will be able to re-restore to 6.1.2 and JB it atm. But if you have such opportunity then you can install just the basics, aka Winterboard and it dependencies, openSSH, and then WE. I am to 85% sure it will work fine, make a iTunes Backup. Then install the rest of your apps and tweaks and check after each install if WE still works. If WE suddenly stops working after installing one app or tweak, you most likely found the offender, but simply uninstalling this app/tweak might not solve the problem as often changes/additions to preference files etc are not always reversed when uninstalling. So even when uninstalling the "bad" app/tweak, WE might still not work again, that's when the iTunes Backup comes handy. OK, a restore of that Backup would wipe all apps/tweaks/settings you did after the Backup and you have to do it all again. It is a pain in the backside and a lot of if's, when's and work. It is entirely your choice if you want to do this.
    There are not many database driven themes around, WE and Buuf are the best known, plus all the themes I have on the repo. So, atm, it is not much of a huge problem not being able to run database driven themes and with the attitude of theme creators it will not be anything important in future. Shame really, it gives such a user friendly configuration tool.
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    I tried to move the root file to mobile and changed the permissions to "mobile" and "wheel", and then respring. It didn't work. I then uninstalled and turned off my phone overnight, reinstalled, changed the permissions did the settings and selected the theme through Winterboard, respringing at every action. That did not work either. Can't reinstall clean and JB as I would lose the JB on 6.1.2, plus would not know how to reinstall to 6.1.2.

    What I don't understand is that the I4 works fine with this theme through Winterboard, and it is also JB on 6.1.2. How did others get this theme to work on their I5?

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