First off, I've searched and searched but can't find anything on this theme... So here's my post.

I have a 4S

Love this theme, but I have a few tweaks that I need to do. I've been digging around in the root files.

#1 the home screen wallpaper. Specifically when you open up a folder.
Before this theme, I had an image as my wallpaper. When I load this theme, it replaces the wallpaper with the default for this theme, which I want it to do. But when I open up a folder, the old wallpaper pops up behind the opened folder. Not good. To fix this, I've dug around and located the image for the theme wallpaper and made that my "user wallpaper" so that it will show the same image behind the open folder, it looks fairly consistent. But now when I close the folder there is a dark shadow that scrolls up with the closing folder. When the folder is closed completely, the dark shadow goes away and the theme wallpaper is there. I would like to get rid of this shadow and just have the wallpaper remain behind the open folder I'm assuming the dark shadow is an image that scrolls up, but I can't find it. Can anyone help me with this?

#2 some kind of pre-loading screen.
When I open up an app, I haven't figured out if it's a new app loading or if it happens with the preloaded app (apps I already have opened in the background), there is an image that pops up before the program. Sometimes it's open for a quick time, sometimes longer. This image is in the "Fallback" folder of the theme. It says 75% Neo HD. I would like to get ride of this pre-loading screen completely, if possible.

#3 iWidget - Neo HD Interactive (weather)
I've dug around and changed my default city location, that works just fine. I have a question about the images. They are in a folder under iWidgets/Neo Interactive/Images/Custom. There are 47 images in that folder. I think these may change with the current weather conditions. I'd like to find the script that controls this. Then where it's located in the script and what it means. I'd like to replace these images with actual images from my own city.

Hopefully someone can help out.